Monday Start Day

It’s Monday morning!

My plan is to be super on track this week. Keep my house clean, stay positive about life, and eat well!

My new job (in case you were wondering) is basically me working in a kitchen as a cook. It also has some barista/cashier stuff too, but for the most part I make food for people all day. I’m on my feet, I’m moving all around, working hard, and I think it will pay off to be that physical for 40 hours a week. Although I’m trying to adjust my schedule to 32 hours a week, as I have decided that is my happy number of hours working. I’m not sure why my whole life I thought one HAD to work 40 hours. 32 (or 4 days) is what really works best for me.

Anyway this morning I am making a Pumpkin Oat Bake, and Mr. Gaunt is in charge of making spaghetti for dinner.

I have friends coming into town this weekend (YAY!) for our first friend baby shower (shockingly none of our close group of girlfriends has children yet) I’m excited to see the ladies and just hang out and celebrate! I love mini friend reunions every few months.

I leave you with a little stuffed acorn squash recipe:

1. Cut Acorn Squash in half. Put a little salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic into each half. Roast in oven at 400 for an hour.

2. Half way through acorn cooking, start cooking rice. I did a wild rice, but you can do whatever you like.

3. While rice is cooking saute Kale, peppers, onions and chicken sausage in a pan. When rice is done cooking dump the saute mixture into the rice and stir.

4. Fill each half of the acorn squash with the rice mixture. Place a piece of cheese (I did swiss) on top and broil until cheese is crispy and bubbly.



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