Halloween Par-tay

(I swear last post for the day)

We went last night to our friends Sam and Natalie’s House. Natalie is the Hostess-with-the-Mostess, and NEVER disappoints when it comes to a party. This girl goes all out! Decorations, food, drinks, it’s amazing. I mean her house is pretty freaking adorable all the time, but I LOVE what she does at Halloween. The girl made her own cat and witch-hat shaped tortilla chips for god sakes! AMAZING!

Mr. Gaunt and I whipped up a last-minute costume idea I had, which turned out to be (in my opinion) the coolest costumes ever. Especially if you work in the print industry. Seriously OBSESSED with all things Pantone.

Amazing right?

And so easy. Seriously less than $10 was spent.


On to the party, let me highlight a few awesome things:

Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Insane.

Peanut butter Acorn’s. So cute

-Apple Juice Mimosa….I may have had 7.

-Honey Sticks, love em!

-Brain Cupcakes. Look so cute, and so easy!

-Mr. Gaunt carved Walter White (from Breaking Bad) onto his pumpkin.

-I drank too much and flitted around until my old ass got tired at 11pm, and went home to bed. (Oh and my Houndstooth nails are Sally Hansen)

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