Daily Eats – Day 19

Tomorrow is Friday. Yipee! Not because the weekend will be here soon, but because supposedly all this ice and snow is supposed to melt on Friday, with a high of 45. I’m over the snow. Sooo over it. My car is useless in the snow, Mr. Gaunt and I don’t work the same schedule, so I’ve been depending on my mom for rides. Today I took ANOTHER snow day, which sorta sucks, but did give me time to sign up for online Quick Books and get all of our business finances together, which is awesome.

Bagel Thin with 1 Egg and 1 Egg White, Mushrooms and Greens (I only ate half this as it wasnt that yummy). Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Thai Lime Cashews.

Turkey Burger with mushrooms and a little cheese on 1/2 a Bagel Thin. I used the other half under that Veggie Pattie. Sweet Potato Fries. Dried Date with Coconut.

Mr. Gaunt was really cold all day, so instead of going to the gym we went to the pool and swam laps and hung out in the hot tub. It felt like a good workout and a nice change of pace. I’m nervous about weigh in this week, so I’m going to try extra hard to eat good, small portions. 2 pounds loss is the goal!

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