Daily Eats – Day 5

The Usual suspects: Non fat Vanilla latte. Veggie Pattie, Grapefruit and 100 calorie bagel thin.

Also: Fat free Swiss single. Turkey with mustard. And what is usually Fat Free Greek Yogurt with Granola, but I left the granola at home so I added in a packet of instant oatmeal (I really hate the yogurt alone) and it was a HUGE mistake! I ate half and then threw it out…gag…it was salty and nasty!

We had to drive down to Burlington to get our Brochures from our Kinkos Guy (he moved 30 minutes away and we love him so much we follow him!) So we stopped at The Teriyaki Bar, I ate half of what you see here, and took the rest home for tomorrow…SHEER WILLPOWER FOLKS!

In gym news I texted Mr. Gaunt to bring my shoes to the gym, but he didn’t get the message, so I got to the gym with no shoes. This meant I had to go home, and once I’m home there’s no going back. I was pissed about the situation, but I cleaned the house while Mr. Gaunt worked out, and all was fine. BUT IF IM FATTER ON SUNDAY IM TOTES BLAMING HIM! (kidding…kinda)


2 thoughts on “Daily Eats – Day 5

  1. You’ve been doing so great! I don’t like plain yogurt either-have you tried mixing it with fresh fruit? That’s my favorite way. I usually do chunk pineapple, or frozen (thawed) berries with a little honey. mmm

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