Daily Eats – Day 4

Fat free plain Greek yogurt. Low fat Gronola


100 Calorie Wheat Bagel Thin

Dr Praegers Veggie Pattie. Fat Free Swiss single.

2 Bowls of Veggie Soup

1.5 Glasses of White wine

My sister highlighted my hair tonight too! There are perks to having a hairstylist sister, although I’m so low maintenance with my hair that I rarely take advantage of her. But I have big plans this weekend and I decided to spruce things up a little. It’s subtle, and I may add more blonde, but I’m happy with subtle.

The gym tonight SUCKED! I had plans to do core, but my gym has 1 ab machine and it’s lame. So I’m going to have to find another way to strength my middle, maybe Pilates o Saturday will work. On top of that I had the worst headache while doing Cardio, making it so bloody awful. But none the less I was there for an hour, and I worked out and I didn’t die. So I’m good.

My mom made the most amazing vegetable soup, I wanted to eat a gallon of it, instead I had two bowls. It was fat and starch free, and didn’t taste like nasty chicken noodle salty gross soup.  YAY! I’m going to force her to make me more!

I’m trying to have good thoughts for weigh in this Sunday! Does everyone else feel like they are on track for a good week?

3 thoughts on “Daily Eats – Day 4

  1. Cor & I forced ourselves to go to the gym last night. Today I weighed in for my school’s biggest loser contest and I’m up two pounds but down since Sunday, so I’m calling it even. Also, I read the wine as 15 glasses, not 1.5 HA!

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