Gross Towels

Since moving back to Washington I realized that Towels NEVER ever dry here.

I’m usually a “use a towel, hang it up, let it dry, use it again” type of person. I would say I only wash my towel once a week.

In Colorado you could hang a towel up on a rod, or a door, or the curtain and in just a few hours it would be dry to the bone.

Here it could be three days and your towel never really feels dry. Its still damp, and damp = Musty.

The only thing I hate more than a smelly kitchen sponge, is a smelly bath towel. Gag!

I end up washing our towels all the time. They are so gross.

I dont remember this issue before I moved, although maybe I never knew anything different.

We also have a super crappy dryer, which only adds to the annoying damp thing.

If the weather would just get nicer then I could line dry things again.

In other towel news we finally made a little trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick out these lovely towels for our registry. In gray, duh.

Wedding registering is fun, and sort of silly, but mostly fun. We have most everything we cold ever need, but I do really want a nice MATCHING set of good towels. And sheets for that matter. Off to work out now! Oh and the painters finally showed up today to paint our door black. I’m excited! I’m actually the one who decided that’s what color it should be, and everyone agreed. Now we will see if my idea was a good one!


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