Summer Wardrobe!

I have no money at all, so I also am not buying any summer clothing. However if someone gave me $200 right now, you bet your ass I would run to the mall and SHOP! Oh glorious shopping, how I miss thee, with your clearance racks and dressing room mirrors (for blog photo shoots) and your new patio decorations…droool. NO! no shopping for me.

So I’m doing a little virtual shopping today, for things I would buy if I had money to blow. Click on any picture to go the site.

LOFT - $39.50

LOFT - $79.50

LOFT - $39.50

GAP - $34.95

GAP - $22.99

J.CREW - $88.00

J.CREW - $34.50

J.CREW - $65.00

Seems like all Capris this season are skinny. In my opinion only black capris should be allowed to be skinny…

I am in desperate need of some casual cotton or jersey dresses. All of mine are bit more formal. Moving from Colorado to here I definitely feel like my wardrobe needs to be a bit more casual. I havent pulled out my heals since my first week here. Poor heels, I promise to wear you again soon! I also think I hate all of the sandals this season. They aren’t quite as awful as the Gladiator look, but still a bit too much strap for me. Although I’m a simple sandal kind of girl.

I also need a big sun hat….like BIG!

Priorities now will be 1 or 2 cheap cotton stretch dresses and bras (regular and sport). The rest can be a just a dream…..


One thought on “Summer Wardrobe!

  1. I would love to be able to go shopping for a whole new summer wardrobe as well… I tried on the 2 pairs of work capris I bought last summer and they literally just fall right off of me. I don’t have any decent short sleeve shirts to wear to work or even a short sleeve cardigan to wear over a tank top. I think some rich person should take us on a shopping spree! 🙂

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