Not A Cook Anymore

I kind of miss cooking.

I haven’t really cooked anything since we started round 2 of weight loss. I know I cooked a lot when we did Weight Watchers, but were doing things a little differently now. For me cooking is a way to really enjoy food. To mix flavors and textures and really take full pleasure in what you eat. I’m avoiding that. The 45 pounds I’m trying to lose means that I have enjoyed the pleasure of my fair share of food. Now I’m trying to enjoy the pleasure of my body (well that just sounds awkward) but seriously. I’m tying to see changes and feel changes in what my body can do. I WANT to be proud of my body, not to hate it.

But I miss cooking. And baking. And Food Gawker. And Cookbooks. And GROCERY SHOPPING! Sweet sweet grocery shopping, how I loved thee. I use to love nothing more than spending an hour wandering around Whole Foods or Sunflower Market picking out all the good things I would cook. Getting home and putting them all away and staring at a fridge full of veggies and goodness!

Now I got to the store and grab the five things I NEED to get through the week. Yogurt, Fruit, Granola, Chicken, Vegetables.

It’s not fun anymore. Althought being fat was never fun either, so who am I to complain. You cant bake your cake and be skinny too!

The good news is I am having a little Veggie Potluck with friends in 2 weeks and I’m going to go all out and make something awesome!

Until then I’m going to go workout and eat BBQ Chicken and Dill Relish for lunch….Dont Judge!


One thought on “Not A Cook Anymore

  1. The first time I saw my healthy weight range I cracked up, then cried. Now I think it’s actually attainable. Keep going, Morgan! If you keep busting your butt it WILL pay off and you will be so proud you stuck with it.

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