Thankful For

-The loving man in my life. Who will be 30 in 3 days. Who will be my husband in 303 days. Who will be by my side when we move to Washington in 5 months. Who lets me listen to Taylor Swift over and over, and always agrees that “yes” I do in fact need Starbucks. I have never met anyone better than you. The love I have for you is forever. And it is SO THANKFUL.

-My Family. Who have taught me more patience and acceptance than anything else. Who always brings me back to the girl I want to be. Who always seems proud of me. Who I will always love, good and bad, but mostly good.

-My health. My Youth. The life I have yet to live and the wonderful life I have already lived.

-Hula. Who may seem silly, but is teaching me that one day I will be a very good mother.

2 thoughts on “Thankful For

  1. So thankful to have a beautiful, creative daughter who shares herself and her life in this way, so I can feel connected even if you are far away. Can’t wait till next Thanksgiving when we can cook together. Love you guys, mom

    • Yay! Me too! I hope J and I can have a place with a dining room so everyone can come to our house! Love and miss you and will call you later!

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