Thanksgiving 2010


A haircut for Mr. Gaunt

Maybe a bit short?

Dressed up and ready to eat!

Pies I made. Apple and Pumpkin

Goat Cheese with Cranberries. So good with smoked oysters!



Its a beaut.

Celebrating our 3rd Thanksgiving together.

Kale Heaven



Sweet Potatoes to go with the Kale

Home Made Fried Onions.

A million Mushrooms

Ms. G and me.



Mashing after Ricing. My guns were tired.



NO Canned Green Bean Casserole here!

Michael carving the turkey

Getting good at making Gravy

Ms. G's Table

My plate.

Gluttony at its best.

After dinner nap

Mr. Gaunt and his mom

Opening Presents (his Birthday is in 3 days)

Blowing out his 30 candles


Mexican Train

After dinner game



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