6 thoughts on “Things I LOVE This Week

  1. You look great! Taylor and I have been peeking at your pictures every now and again and the progress is amazing.
    My mom did the same thing–she’s now a lifetime member of WW and she looks awesome too. Good for you! :]

    • thats so cool! Good for your mom. Id love to come see you two. Tell Tay Im coming to B-ham MArch 25th-29th and that she should pick me up at the airport and drive me up to Bellingham! Were gonna celebrate my moms birthday!

  2. 49 cents! Old Navy is a freaking savior for those of us not living the high life. That totally beats my best deal found there by three bucks, I am so impressed. I’m also impressed with how you’re looking! WOW! Way to go, mama cita! You look fantastic and happy.

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