Another Shitty Week.

waiting for summer

Oh yeah, I didn’t go to weigh-in!

Yeah thats because I’m a loser (and not in a good way) in fact I’m more of a gainer! Crap! No matter how many time I remind myself I always let “Fake Weight Loss” superficially please me. Oh what’s “Fake Weight Loss” you ask? Well basically its a term I made up all on my own, but it’s when you lose weight in a unatural way (natural being basic calories in calories out). There can be many things that cause “Fake Weight Loss” like:

-Abnormally extreme workouts, like climbing a mountain.

-Being stuck somewhere where you can’t eat for a very long time, like out at sea

-Giving Birth…ha!


-Excessive sweating

Or in my case last week, being sick for an entire weekend and chosing to sleep rather than eat. See although I was thrilled to drop 2lbs in a weekend, I should have known it wouldn’t last. Thats the thing about “Fake Weight Loss” it doesn’t last, it always comes back. Lame.

Anyways my “Fake Weight Loss” came back and I’m sitting uncomfortably at least 2lbs higher than last week. Therefore I took the easy way out and skipped my weigh in. I feel really shitty about it, but I just need to get back on track. The bad thing is, I have ZERO motivation. I keep telling myself to go to the gym, to stop eating salt, to not come home from work and sit on my ass for the rest of the night. None of it works.

I was feeling really blue yesterday about my weight, seeing a higher number than I’d seen in a while. Then I was talking to a coworker who told me that Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year had just happened, therefore I’m blaming this lull on the tail ends of that. January just kind of sucks. I’m also soooo done with winter! I’m so sick of the short days and how it’s too cold to be outside. Bleh! I can’t wait until I can go swimming in my pool every day after work, and Mr. Gaunt and I can go for walks and paddle boat! We are even thinking about riding bikes this summer!

So at this point I don’t know how to get my shit together. I really wanted to lose my 75lbs awhile ago, but if I don’t hit it by the end of January I’m gonna cry. Seriously. This has been my worst month yet. Alright I’m off to bed so maybe I wont be quite so tired tomorrow. Let me know if you have any good motivational tips, I could use them.

5 thoughts on “Another Shitty Week.

  1. Aw don’t fret about this fake weight loss. You’re doing great!! Good luck on your journey!! I am on a weight loss adventure as well, and I know we can do it 🙂 your pics are amazing, you look so good already!
    Have a great evening

  2. Oh my god, Morgan. Blue Monday this year was January 18, MLK Day… AKA the day after all the shit hit the fan with Jill and I hated my life!

    You are SO SO right… what a horrible last couple of weeks it’s been! i’m so sorry you’re having a hard time right now. Please know you aren’t the only one!

    I’ve been a total gym slacker too, and I’ve gone out to eat more than I can even count.

    BUT TODAY IS A NEW DAY! TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY! We changed our habits before… and we’ll do it again!

    This a lifestyle. This is a learning opportunity. This is more than just losing weight, this is about understanding our bodies and our minds. About making good and bad choices and reflecting upon how they made us feel and then working to correct our mistakes.

    You KNOW you will hit your goals, it just may take longer than anticipated, but the good thing is is that this is for the rest of your life, and you will spend your whole life sitting pretty at your goal weight and it will feel damn good.

    So keep on keepin’ on, Morg!

  3. I don’t know if it feasible for you, but when I was working regular 9-5 hours, I would take my gym stuff with me to work and go to the gym immediately after I got off. If I went home “just to change” I would sit down or get on the computer and not end up going. It actually worked really well.

    • yeah its more that Im really tired after work because its kind of physical, plus I have to drive PAST my hosue to get to my gym. I may look into going to whatever gym is closest to my work so the A. I dont get so bored and B. Im no where near my house. I should test this out next week.

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