Can I have $400 for wedding shoes?

I wanna get one thing straight first. I am NOT a shoe person. I dont remember the last time I spent more than $10 a pair of shoes…seriously. On that note, I’ve been thinking a bit about shoes for the wedding and I’m a little unsure of what I want to do. I really like how I feel and look in High heels, but for my wedding it seems pointless. First off you probably wont see much of my shoes, and 2nd, high heels (even the comfiest ones) are really only comfy for max 4 hours. And the LAST thing I want is irritated feet. So I’m 90% sure I’m going to do a ballet flat. But since I wear Ballet flats all the time, I want FUN flats!

I have searched high and low for the kind of flats I want, a few requirements were:

-Glitter, Rhinestone, sparkle, anything BLING!

-Bows, the bigger the better.

-Copper, Gold, silver, or any other Jewel tone

-Under $150 (pretty firm on this one)

Well of course the ONLY shoes I could find that met my visual needs were all the amazing Flats by Miu Miu! Only problem, they are ALL around $400…ha! That wont be happening. So if you see any shoes like these in a 9.5 for less than $150 let me know! And I leave you to drool over me dream Miu Miu shoes.


Miu Miu Gold Glitter Bow

Miu Miu Golf Metallic Leather Jeweled Flat

Miu Miu Amarena Leather Bow Flats





Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Flats

Miu Miu Velvet Ballet Flats

Miu Miu Patent Leather Ballet Flats


Miu Miu doesnt make these anymore....sad day


Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Silver Flower Ballet Flat


Cant find a link for these either...but drool.




5 thoughts on “Can I have $400 for wedding shoes?

  1. morgan we can make these super easy. we are crafty and trifty. look around for a basic pair of glittery shiny metallic whatever flats and we’ll keep an eye out for clearance necklaces/rings anything you can take apart with giant bling on it, theyre pretty in right now so it shouldnt be hard. or vintage broaches. or if you want bows we can buy fun “leather” and do that, this will be piece of cake. look at the blog “ruffles and stuff” she does some cute shoe refashions, i mean ot quite as ritzy as we’re talking but i think we could make it happen.

  2. Miu Miu are so amazing 🙂 I love them. You should look at Pour La Victoire, Badgley Mischka, and Elie Tahari flats. Those just came to my mind because sometimes they have bridal shoes and always have pretty and feminine flats. Zappos and are two of the carriers that I like. Especially because they have free shipping and returns and zappos doesn’t charge sales tax. Just some ideas! 🙂

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