Oh I bet you wanna know how my weigh in went dont cha!

Well last week was crappy, by last Tuesday morning I stepped on the scale pretty much weighing what I did the week before…booo. So I skipped the meeting (I know, bad) but I felt like I wanted to get myself on track and down a few pounds for this week. So I ate pretty good, of course my eating habits have changed greatly over the last month, cutting out most meat and cheese, and increasing my vegetables and fruits (lots and lots of fruit) our fridge is packed with fresh foods, its so nice. Well anyways the scale started to drop so I went to weigh in this morning with the results of…..wait for it…..


Yeah yeah dawg! Woohoo! That puts me at 39.2 lbs lost overall! that’s 40 lbs NAKED! Ha! I would have loved for it to say 40lbs at my meeting, but who am I to complain about almost 5lbs in a week! That puts me over my 10lbs a month goal and even ahead for my 50lbs by Halloween goal! Hello Sexy Halloween costume!…kidding.

So Im super stoked and thrilled! I feel like 50lbs will bring me to whole new size of pants (which is quite possibly the most thrilling part of all of this). Im also really hoping to hit between 75-80lbs lost by Christmas, I would love to go back to Washington to my grandparents for Christmas and see my whole extended family who haven’t seen me in over a year and flaunt my 75lb thinner body! That would be bad ass! (= One day at a time though.

Oh and in other exciting news I got officially offered a job at Costco which I will start tomorrow! Yay for being employed! Ha! Oh and here are some progress pics (sorry I dont have actual Before pics on this computer and my other computer isnt working right now so I cant get them):


two weeks after starting WW...ewww

two weeks after starting WW...ewww




As you can see we have along ways to go, but things are slimming out a bit.

6 thoughts on “WEIGH IN RESULTS!

  1. Woohoooo you look great! 40 pounds is a huge accomplishment, and you’re awesome for doing it the healthy way! I don’t even know you in real life and I am totally proud of you, ha ha.

  2. MOFACE!

    OMG….so I know how we talk all the time about how we can’t really notice the changes in each other because we’re seeing it all happen but I must say that this picture of you is stunning. The difference that I can tell between this picture and where you were in May – when we started WW – is astounding! I’m so very proud of you and I love you dearly. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

    ❤ Pro

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