Working Out Working

I have voiced many many many times my pure hatred for the gym. Basically I just find it sooo boring! I just stare at the clock or the calorie counter and struggle through the entire thing. As far as the physical part, thats ok, I really dont mind working out or sweating or any of that. I actually like most sports, Im kind of competitive and although Im not super fast Im pretty coordinated and strong. So I just really need to find some kind of physical activity that entertains me.

Today I was bitching about going to the gym on Facebook, and a fellow weight loss blogger (and my best friends cousin) Amy was telling me that she has taken some classes that she really likes at her gym. I have looked into this before but decided that now may be the time to actually do it. It’s posibble that I was a little more self conscious 5 months (and 50 lbs) ago to take a class, but Im feeling ok about myself right now. So tonight after I was done with my workout I picked up the schedule and here’s the classes that sound appealing:


-Water Aerobics

Zumba (Music dance aerobics)

-Cardio Dance Party

The scheduleĀ is only for this week, but I think Im going to do the 9:15 water aerobics tomorrow and then the 12:00 Yoga on Friday. Im gonna skip any weekend classes to avoid the crowds. But I really want to try Zumba next week! Below is a Zumba Video: