Spring Weight Loss, and Cooking

Oh the battle continues. If nothing else, at least I haven’t gained MORE than 25 pounds. not that a 25 pound gain isn’t substantial, because trust me, my pants tell me it is. Buuut after I gained 25 pounds a year ago, I have managed to go down 12 pounds (at my wedding) and then back up 12 pounds, but no higher.  Which means there are a few pairs of pants that I can no longer wear (which were my fitted pants at my smallest) but other than that, I haven’t really had to buy a new “fatter” wardrobe. However today I ripped some linen pants (truth be told I wore them to the threads last summer) but needless to say they felt a smidge tighter this year, and sure enough the threads gave way and ripped. Ugg….so fat. Which also puts me at ZERO capris (homie doesn’t wear shorts…eww) for this summer. Speaking of Capri’s, I’m feeling like I don’t even know what Capri trends are this year. Who can clue me in? Is it skinnies? Linen? Boyfriend? I’ll have to look this up. As you can tell I have not stepped foot in a  mall this season.

Moving on from Capris, I’m still (and let’s get real here folks, as long as there are cupcakes and potato chips on this earth, always will be) on a mission to lose 25 pounds. The weather is nicer, and I’m spending more time in my yard, and less time on the couch. Mr. Gaunt and I have stocked the fridge with healthy food tonight, including bottled water (which I know is bad, blah blah, but its the only way I drink water). My hope is to get back on track with cooking!!! My family really really likes to eat out, and there are tons of great restaurants in Bellingham, BUT it’s so easy to make it a habit. Therefore we are going to really try to only eat out on the weekends. All of this in attempts to just get a little more in shape for summer.

Tonight I searched “Healthy baking” on Pinterest, and got some great ideas for snacks. First up I made these NO BAKE ENERGY BALLS. I made a couple of substitutions, being no chocolate chips (that just makes them candy in my house) I also did flax meal (is that the same as ground flax seed?) and I did Apple infused Honey, because I found it on sale at the BGO.  All the ingredients (besides the honey) I actually had on hand too! These are pretty yummy, in a granola bar/oatmeal cookie sort of way. Although not so amazing I will eat them all in one sitting. Which is pretty much the key to all food in my house.

I also whipped up some of these Zucchini Parmesan bites, which actually ARE amazing, so I might eat all of them before I have time to take a photo tomorrow. We will see. I felt really proud of myself because I actually used frozen shredded Zucchini from last summer! Go me!

Last but not least, I’m really trying to do some interesting things with my hair. Pinterest is just riddled with adorable do’s, I really shouldn’t be so hair-lazy.

Also in BARGAIN SHOPPING NEWS: Guess who found (not expired) Aveno Spray Waterproof Sunscreen for $1.99 a bottle at the BGO today! THIS GIRL! That is such a good deal on spray sunscreen! I stocked up too, we are pale folks.