Zig Zags, Chevron, and Herringbone…Oh MY!

Along with my love of GREIGE, I would like to add fabrics with Zig Zag, Chevron, and Herringbone Print to that obsession. I’m planning on buying some fabric and making new pillows for our couch and bed, as well as some curtains. My sister is a pretty darn good sewer, so I will be enlisting her slave labor help….mwahahaha!

I’m also thinking I want to paint a Chevron Mat for my Kitchen! Yes…sooo cool! It’s all very trendy, and I am jumping on this bandwagon!

PS: I bid on $300 DwellStudio Bedding on Ebay for $50 today….fingers crossed.

Graphic Simplicity-Home Decor

Nice bedding is one thing we really want for our wedding. Only problem is the bedding I want is from West Elm, and you cant register there. Oh well, we may just buy it after the wedding ourselves. For your viewing pleasure….(click on photo)

Although the DwellStudio Ash Draper Striped Bedding would also do nicely. (click on photo)

Im also SOLD on this rug from Ikea. Its the only thing I can find that is close to the Madeline Weinrib Rug in my budget. (click on photo)

And Lastly I am very excited to do some of these “small space” designs in our new place. As well as build a storage device for our paintings/canvas that can also be used as a table or something…a fun project to take on.

That’s it for the night. I have a horrible stomach bug so I will not be going to work tomorrow….boo…I even got the flu shot. Maybe its food poisoning.