Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins this past week. My brother gave my mom a ton of pumpkins, and we took 5 of them, and so far Mr. Gaunt has carved 3 and I carved 1. This year we went with the scratch/surface shave method instead of the full on carving. It’s easier, you can get more detail, and your pumpkin lasts a lot longer.

Mr. Gaunt has been on his 13 days of Halloween scary movies, and I have been unusually willing to watch some of them with him. So far we have watched The Mist, 28 Weeks Later, The Faculty, and couple others. He has watched way more (actually scary movies) that I don’t participate in. I have enough trouble sleeping.

Also we have been watching Glee, Breaking Bad, and Oddities too! (in case you wondered)

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