Thats so much better!

I walked/jogged 3.5 Miles and felt awesome!

I love my neighborhood, and it looks so cool with all the leaves everywhere.

I listened to lots of cutesy Juno Music,

So I figure I get off work every day at 4pm, and sunset is at 4:30, so I should be able to get in a little evening workout before its pitch black…lol. Maybe the husband will go too.

Oh and strength training is back! DO IT!

EDIT: I attempted to do the above workout and managed to do only half. I could only do  30 second chair sit, and my jumping jacks were half-assed. It’s a goal to work up to.

Now I’m off to the grocery store so I can stock up on things besides bread and sugar! And make some meals for the upcoming week.

Mission Complete!

I totally jogged a 1/2 mile without stopping! Go me!

I actually jogged MOST of the first 2 miles. Then I got really tired and walked the last mile and a 1/2.

I read somewhere that when running your suppose to breathe through your nose not your mouth. I gave it a shot and thought I was going to DIE! I do not get enough oxygen through my nose. I will continue with my mouth breathing running…lol.

So I’m going to stick with my 1/2 mile jog for the week, then maybe move up to 3/4 mile next week. I’m going to get a pedometer this weekend too.

Happy Tuesday! Oh and this week I am doubling my strength training and adding 100 crunches. Anyone else pushing themselves this week?


A Brother Birthday

My Brother Forrest turned 28 today!

He is leaving on Saturday to move to California…sad…but exciting for him! We went out to dinner this evening to celebrate. It’s the last time all of us will be together for a while. It was so short-lived that we were all living in the same city. At dinner I ordered a pasta dish that kind of sucked a whole bunch. Which is actually a good thing as I only had a few bites, yay for not ingesting 1 million calories!

Also don’t forget to do Mondays Workout (seriously it takes like 15 minutes!) I had to move my workout to the Mornings this week as tomorrow I start my first night shift.  I did a 5k in 50 minutes, not great as I got super tired at the end. The first half though I actually was able to run 2 blocks walk 1 block, instead of my usual 1 to 1 ratio. I can feel myself getting better! I’m hoping by July that I can run a whole mile without stopping, we will see.


Forrest, Me, Mom and Taylor

Worn Out

I’m exhausted.

I babysat Leo (who is 2.5), he wears me out!

Its non-stop sand,playdough,blocks,cars,dirt,sticks,slide,otherslide,dogs,muffins,diapers,water,hose……..

So I’m dirty and tired…lol. He’s fun though.

I only walked a mile and half today.

I went to dinner with Mr. Gaunt at a Hawaiian BBQ place. We split some chicken and vegetable egg rolls. I’m sure it went straight to my ass, but I skipped lunch so who knows.

My evening will be spent making pom poms and watching Greys Anatomy. I’m hoping Mr. Gaunt gets off at 10:30 and we can hit up Honey Moon for a glass of wine. Until then….complete laziness, well I still have to do Thursdays Workout, but THEN Laziness.


Mr. Gaunt just sent me this song….sigh.


My shoulders are totally sore from doing yesterdays little workout. I actually really love these, how they target different muscle groups. My friend Mallory brought me a whole set of dumbbells and they have been perfect for these workouts. These also only take like 10 minutes, but every day I can feel that they are working. I just wait an hour or so after my walk and do these while watching tv. So easy. I’m excited that todays are legs/butt, because I REALLY need help in that area.

My weight is still around the same place as yesterday. I had two large glasses of Wine/Mead last night, so I’m happy there was no real gain. I gotta think of a real calorie burning activity for Mr. Gaunt and I to do this weekend. Suggestions?

Last night I made this Brussel Sprout recipe and it was pretty good. I mean Mr. Gaunt use to say he hated Brussel sprouts, now he eats a meal mostly consisting of them, love it!

I don’t know much about Tumblr, but there are some pretty SWEET workout/weightloss blogs on there. Here are two that you can wast some time with: