No Rest For The Weary

Evil doings…lol…When did I get so busy?

Seriously, for a girl with little friends and a pretty sweet work schedule, I’m shocked by how little time I have these days.  The weekend was devoured before I even tasted it. And now I’m sitting here running through my huge list of to-do’s trying to decided what will be pushed till later, and when later might be.

Our painting business it really thriving! I’m so stinking happy about this. We sold our 4th custom order this morning and have one more ready to purchase either today or tomorrow. I’m loving it, doing art is so much more motivating when people actually want to buy it! Now I can only hope that things will keep putting along and that one day we can be making a portion of our income off it. For now the money will sit in our Paypal for moving and wedding costs.

We are doing our first craft fair on Saturday November 6th at Smoky Hill High School, and I’ve been making lots of mini paintings to sell as well as lots of examples of our custom work. Because it’s an indoor show we needed to build walls to display our canvas, so yesterday Mr. Gaunt and I went to Buds Warehouse which is a discount recycled building materials store. We bought 3 hollow core doors for $30! Now we have to paint them and hinge them together to make an accordion style wall for display. I also need to order some marketing materials from Moo Cards this week. So it’s all a little hectic. But good hectic.

In weight loss I joined weight watchers last week and then never went back…wow I’m lame. Ha! I’m having a hard to with this one, weight watchers is all about getting the most bang for your food points. Which means eating all diet foods. Meh…not the route I want to go. And the silly thing is that I KNEW that and that was why I quit in the first place! So I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Working out is what I really need to do, I have just never discovered a workout plan that I liked. Im thinking of checking out the brand new 24 hours fitness they just built behind my house. Maybe if they have TV’s in the machines I might be interested in going. Before I found the gym to be so boring, and the tvs were always set to news and sports! But if I could ave my own tv then I could even schedule gym time around my favorite shows (we don’t have cable anymore so we don’t get to watch any new tv) and maybe that would motivate me. I do really like tv.

My current job is a test in my patients every day, and I am counting down the days until we move and I can quit it and find something new. I have already made the decision that I will NOT be transferring. We are still up in the air about where exactly we want to move. I plan on doing a post on this at a later date, not that the masses really care.

Anyways I have some food and other things to do individual posts about today, this is just to catch people up on whats going on!

Buds Warehouse. Much like the RE-Store for you Bham folks

Piles of stuff to dig through

Wearing High heels and dress pants. We had just left a wedding.


3 Doors, a Bookcase and an easel. Maybe I shouldnt sell this car!


Hello Weekend!


I have LOTS of fun things planned for this weekend. NONE of which involve talking or thinking about work…grr. My Friday the thirteenth ended badly with some major time clock issues that are STILL unresolved…grr! But it is officially the weekend and Im going to forget about all of that until Monday!

Mr. Gaunt took a little weekend trip to New Mexico to visit a friend so I am a single gal for a few days! My lovely Pro is coming over tonight and we are gonna use this sweet coupon and check out some coats at the Old Navy. Last night Mr. Gaunt and I went through our clothes (yes AGAIN) to see what fit and what doesnt. He got rid of at least three pairs of pants (44’s he’s now down to a 38/40) and me a TON of shirts and capris and tanks that are long gone. I must say as exciting as shrinking out of all of your clothing is, its also expensive and frustrating. Especially if your losing quickly like I have and your in a  new size every 2 months. Anyways I still have about 4 cute dresses that I am not willing to part with, last night I emailed a local Tailor on pricing to have dresses taken in. Ill let you know what they say when I hear back. If it’s under $25 per dress then I may do it, over that and I may just toss and buy new.

Tomorrow Pro and I and Mr. Gaunt’s mom are going to the Highlands Ranch community garage sale (WHAT WHAT! I LOVE A GARAGE SALE!) and then Pro and I are having a late lunch in Boulder with an old friend. Should be a good time!

Health wise Im feeling pretty damn lucky that the flu and colds have skipped us! KNOCKS ON WOOD! I do however have a slight post nasal drip that seems to be causing my right ear to be in a constant state of plugged. No amount of popping, Q-tip-ing or wiggling seems to release the air. I can hear myself breathing in my ear. SUPER OBNOXIOUS! Anyone have any tips on getting rid of this?

Ok so Im off to do a bit of laundry before Pro gets here and then my weekend shall start! Im sure Ill have pics by Sunday! Oh and weight loss wise the week has been a bit slow, I wont cry if I dont lose anything on Monday the last two weeks were stellar and I really couldnt ask for more.

Crafting Towards October!

I have my first craft fair in October (3 rd from 9-4) and since I have been a total crafting slacker I decided I better get my horse in gear if I want to have anything to even sell! I also put my Etsy shop on vacation almost two months ago so I really need to get that opened again with some new merchandise (you can click on my sold items to see what kind of stuff I was selling).

Yesterday after hearing that I got a new job (YAY YAY YAY) I hit up Joann’s and stocked up on some much needed supplies. I then spent the evening creating a bunch of these tiny banners, perfect for birthdays or holidays or kids rooms. I have about 5 in mid production but this one I finished this morning and even drug it outside to do a little photshoot in the sun!






Moving on, in job news I did in fact get the position with Mr. Gaunts team (but not working directly with him) and I went in yesterday to drug test and sign some paper work. I have to give my current job notice tonight, and who knows whether they will want me to work next week or not, they may be one of those companies that just says “peace out” after you give notice. Which would be fine because New Job wants me to start asap, but no later than the 28th. Im really excited though becuase this new schedule will be amazing, Monday through Friday 6-2:30! That means I dont have to worry about calling out sick every time I need a day or weekend off! Woohoo!

In weight loss I think the week has gone pretty well (except last night taco salad which I attempted to run off at the gym last night) I go in for weigh in tomorrow at 9am, Ill keep you posted!

i gotta lot to talk about

Ok just a big blabbering of topics, would love comments or advice on any of them:

1. Protein and Bringing Back Eggs: Now about a month and a half ago I gave up eggs. This was after reading Skinny Bitch and deciding that I need to go as close to Vegan as possible. Well since then the weight went downa  good 10lbs, but now it is resting in a slump…boo. My big concern is Im not getting enough protein to help with err…digestion. I mean I eat fiber like its going out of business, but fiber has to have something to stick to (like protein) to work its magic. I tried the whole Greek Yogurt thing and just didnt like it (but please note I have creamy texture issues….do not make me eat pudding…gag) I dont do beans in the AM cause they take too long and that just seems odd. So Im thinking of bringing back the eggs, or egg whites, or Egg Beaters. Opinions on this? I need to do a little diet re vamp in hopes of shocking my body into dropping weight again.

2. Food Processors: I want one. A good-ish one. Easy to clean, under $75. Tell me what you know.

3. Wii Fit and Golds Gym for Wii: Im trying to do my Wii Fit more, trying to boost my working out in all ways. Mr. Gaunt bought me Golds Gym Cardio for Wii so far Im not in love, it seems to pretty much be only boxing with a little jump rope. Im gonna try it with Mr. Gaunt and see if he can figure it out for me. It does play Journey though when your working out so thats at least 5 cool points.

4. Underwear: I finally got new underwear! I bought a number of kinds, but my favorite are these cute ones from American Eagle 5 for $25! Woo hoo! I also got two new bras at Vicki’s. I heart new undies!

5. WORK WORK WORK: So they moved me BACK to the front end, so no more chickens, this is not because I said something, but becuase they are dumb and mixed things up. Although yesterday I got to be door greeater for 8 hours. My feet hurt. I interviewed last Thursday for Mr. Gaunts team and will hear in a week or so. Fingers crossed.

6. Crafts: I have my first craft fair coming up in October. I signed up back in May I think. I have since put my Etsy shop on vacation because I was focusing on all this stuff. The show is over the weekend and my work wont let me have it off, hopefully by then I will have a new job starting shortly and can just quit. I think I should start working on stuff again, get back into the whole crafting thing. We’ll see.