Life and Walking

Mr. Gaunt and I talked about our life plans while on our 5k this morning.

He’s hoping to start nursing school in the fall/winter, but its a big step and we are working through it.

We talked a lot about sacrafice. About how much you have to give up to get what you want. How although we have givent up a lot, and we may FEEL like we want more, we really cant pin point what that would even be? Life is just different than it use to be. We have a completely different thing going on these days. Such different plans and goals than we ever have had. And we are happy, we really are. None the less change is always a bit un-settling, yah know? So we walked and talked and it was good. These walks are quickly becoming the best part of my day…gasp!

I think we are going to shower and then drive up to Birch Bay and maybe have lunch. Working the same schedule really is quite nice.  Have a great Thursday (thursday’s workout here) Also I have added 50 crunches to every days workout. Id like to work up to 100 a day.  Abs…lol…funny.