Wedding Decor Misc (with DIY Links!)

If you could see my desktop on my laptop some days you would laugh. It’s usually so overloaded with picture files that you cant even see the wallpaper. That’s when Mr. Gaunt yells at me to clean it up! I’m just as bad with clothing all over the bedroom…lol.I might make a mean pie, but I’m a crappy housekepper…lol.

Anyway I thought I would share some of my random wedding decor findings! So anyone else who might be hunting for some fun ideas can peek into my “WEDDING” folder.

I have assigned my dad to make me some of these “stump cake-stands” in various sizes for our dessert bar! I love them so so so much! You can see a tutorial here.

I love (like everyone else and their mom) blue glass Mason jars. This is such a fun rustic chandelier! But since the jars usually run around $12 a piece at antique stores (good luck finding them at Goodwill) I have found this awesome tutorial on how to make your own using glass paint! See it here.

Using pages from old books (maybe a love story?) is so cute! I have seen some ADORABLE “library” themed weddings that are so fun! Id love to do that if I was a librarian…lol!  Library themed invites HERE. Or a wedding in a Library HERE. Or something simple as using books for centerpieces!

I’m debating collecting doilies to use as makeshift table runners! You can find awesome (and cheap) ones at all thrift stores. Mom do you need something new to hunt for?

Here are two more things to add to the list for my dad to make. I’m not sure if place cards will be needed, but these are damn cute, and so easy too!

I’m not sure where I first saw this idea, of using a typewriter for your guest book. It’s so fun though! People can type you up little letters and then you can make the pages into a little book. I need an old typewriter STAT!

I have a sick obsession with vintage ribbon, well any ribbon really. Look at the cute things you can do with it! I will be doing the chair ribbon probably. If you’re looking for some good ribbon suppliers ETSY is the place to go. HERE, HERE, or HERE.