Monday Night Football Snacks

Mr. Gaunt is a huge football fan. I pretend to be. Well, I wear the outfit every now and then, and say “GO BRONCOS” when the mood strikes, but the actual game is lost on me.

For our one year anniversary I bought him a Broncos house flag. I let him open it early for the first game of the year.

Last night we went to a friend’s house to watch the game (we don’t have cable). I decided to attempt some healthy football snack foods. I made Zucchini Tots and Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip. The Zucchini tots I have made before, and they are really yummy! I recommend them for kids and men alike. The Buffalo Chicken Dip was a new thing, and Mr. Gaunt LOVED it. The Zucchini tots recipe is from here, and the Skinny Buffalo Dip is from here. The only changes I made for the Buffalo dip, was that I didn’t bake it after I mixed the shredded chicken in with the sour cream and such. I only had enough time to make crock pot shredded chicken, not to crock pot the dip, so I didn’t and it was still delish.  I also only did about half the blue cheese they recommend. Needless to say I would make this again and again!

You also eat so many vegetables with both these recipes. We ate a whole head of celery, a bunch of carrots, and two Zucchini! Excellent!

Weight Wachers Day 1, Round 2

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting ROUND TWO today at 9am.  See proof (thankyouverymuchinstagram):

Don’t you just LOVE those lime green chairs! The building is brand new, it opened last week, right next to the coffee spot that makes awesome Raspberry White Chocolate Scones! <—Thisiswhyyourefat. Uh..anyway it’s all sorts of high tech, but once the meeting got started it all seemed familiar. I definitely plan to switch my meeting time, probably to the evening because this meeting was full of much older women. I was probably the only person under 50 there. Not that I dis like older women, but we live much different lifestyles. Most of them are retired, and not very tech savvy. It makes a lot of the meeting irrelevant to me. For instance we were talking about bad habits, and all of them were saying how they wake up at 2am and eat. This sounds crazy to me! I have never in my life woken up in the middle of the night and eaten. Maybe its something that happens to you when your old?

I wont bore you with how the WW system works, because this isn’t a weight watchers blog, its a FEEL GOOD BLOG! But I will tell you what today’s meeting was about.


They had us use the below formula to determine a BAD habit that we do, when/where/who we do this habit with, and what sort of POSITIVE feeling we get from it:

Then we take the same formula and try to determine a GOOD habit that we can do with the same who/where/when and get the same positive feelings.

Mine went a little something like this. My family is awesome, but we LOVE to eat and drink! We love to throw a party with good food, cater a wedding, go out for a birthday dinner! But it makes me fat, so I’d like to try to do things that are less food related and more activity related. Now I’m not talking about going on a hike (that’s not our style) but maybe do a project, work in the yard, paint pottery, whatever. Take the main focus of social events off the food. This sounds nearly impossible, but like Jennifer Hudson tells me, I must BELIEVE I can do it.

This morning I did some work errands, and now I have to go to work (I clean my moms bar twice a week). So far all I’ve eaten is an iced vanilla Americano with a little cream <—Its better than a latte people!! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!


No Rest For The Weary

Evil doings…lol…When did I get so busy?

Seriously, for a girl with little friends and a pretty sweet work schedule, I’m shocked by how little time I have these days.  The weekend was devoured before I even tasted it. And now I’m sitting here running through my huge list of to-do’s trying to decided what will be pushed till later, and when later might be.

Our painting business it really thriving! I’m so stinking happy about this. We sold our 4th custom order this morning and have one more ready to purchase either today or tomorrow. I’m loving it, doing art is so much more motivating when people actually want to buy it! Now I can only hope that things will keep putting along and that one day we can be making a portion of our income off it. For now the money will sit in our Paypal for moving and wedding costs.

We are doing our first craft fair on Saturday November 6th at Smoky Hill High School, and I’ve been making lots of mini paintings to sell as well as lots of examples of our custom work. Because it’s an indoor show we needed to build walls to display our canvas, so yesterday Mr. Gaunt and I went to Buds Warehouse which is a discount recycled building materials store. We bought 3 hollow core doors for $30! Now we have to paint them and hinge them together to make an accordion style wall for display. I also need to order some marketing materials from Moo Cards this week. So it’s all a little hectic. But good hectic.

In weight loss I joined weight watchers last week and then never went back…wow I’m lame. Ha! I’m having a hard to with this one, weight watchers is all about getting the most bang for your food points. Which means eating all diet foods. Meh…not the route I want to go. And the silly thing is that I KNEW that and that was why I quit in the first place! So I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Working out is what I really need to do, I have just never discovered a workout plan that I liked. Im thinking of checking out the brand new 24 hours fitness they just built behind my house. Maybe if they have TV’s in the machines I might be interested in going. Before I found the gym to be so boring, and the tvs were always set to news and sports! But if I could ave my own tv then I could even schedule gym time around my favorite shows (we don’t have cable anymore so we don’t get to watch any new tv) and maybe that would motivate me. I do really like tv.

My current job is a test in my patients every day, and I am counting down the days until we move and I can quit it and find something new. I have already made the decision that I will NOT be transferring. We are still up in the air about where exactly we want to move. I plan on doing a post on this at a later date, not that the masses really care.

Anyways I have some food and other things to do individual posts about today, this is just to catch people up on whats going on!

Buds Warehouse. Much like the RE-Store for you Bham folks

Piles of stuff to dig through

Wearing High heels and dress pants. We had just left a wedding.


3 Doors, a Bookcase and an easel. Maybe I shouldnt sell this car!


Poster Invitations

First off I want to say how humbled I am by all the amazingly sweet comments on here (and facebook) for my last post. I’m feeling  a little better today, after hitting an all time low mid-week, crying for an hour over the weather. I also got my period yesterday, and apparently my PMSing was at an all time extreme! None the less I have talked to Mr. Gaunt about it, and for a number of reasons I have decided on Monday to re join Weight Watchers. I’ll post more on this, this weekend. But again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being such great friends!

Ok onto a bit of positive wedding news! I have decided after much debating (in my own head) that I will be doing a poster invitation, that I plan (with Mr. Gaunt’s help) to design myself! I’m not sure whether I’ll do digital or illustrated, or both maybe! I think this will save us some money and still give us a bit of creative expression. I’m a BIG fan of GigPosters and Mr. Gaunt and I have quite the collection of them, I like the idea of making our own. We can even frame it after the wedding, and I hope it will be cool enough that our friends and family might want to do the same. I’m going to have to look into mailing small poster tubes, and hopefully that wont be too crazy expensive. None the less here are some great examples of what I’m thinking:

And last but not least:

-I lost my phone (so call mr.gaunt if you need me):

-I start my 2nd job on Sunday.

-Ill be making Pumpkin Whoopie Pies for a harvest Party Tomorrow!



The Thin Is Coming Back IN!

This backside is getting smaller!

Oh yes my friends, this blog was once dedicated to getting skinny (in a totally healthy non-vanity sort of way) before it became all about cooking, weddings, and my relationship ups and downs. Not that you all don’t love to hear about that stuff too…lol! But the blog once had a purpose, and a very successful purpose…SEVENT FIVE POUNDS of purpose. And now she is BACK!

To catch you all up on my weight, I have gained between 7-10 pound since my lowest weight. Meh whatcha gonna do? I have no shame. I hit my lowest weight almost 8 months ago and have more or less maintained that weight….go me! That is without Weight Watchers and without the gym.  Basically I eat healthy enough to maintain my weight without doing much physical activity.

I guess the weight loss stopped when I quit weight watchers, quit obsessing, and started my clean eating. In the last few months though I have loosened up on some of my rules, rules that were important and that need to be put back in place!



1. No sugary Alcohol drinks. I’m not opposed to alcohol, it’s a part of the socialization scene and it can be fun. The problem is the SUGAR! Margaritas, vodka cranberries, pina coladas, all full of sugar. I need to reinstate my strict Vodka and diet tonic only.

2. no eating after 7pm. This can be hard, but I get off at 2:30 so I shouldnt let the lax.

3. Drink only water and maybe tea. Again pretty much all beverages are shit and sugar. Water is the best.

4. Nothing Fried! Ever, that’s just stupid. No fish and chips, french fries, nada!

5. Snacking is for veggies. I have to remember to keep my hand out of the chip bag. I have no self-control after I have one.

6. Veggies should be the main course. 3/4 of your plate should be veggies, not meat or carbs.

7. No beef or Pork. I find this limits my meat intake, which is always best.

8. Biggest meals first. Big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner.

9. Small healthy snack always packed. Otherwise you will eat you own face.

10. EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!! Ugg.

So those are the big things I have slacked on. Not a lot, just a little here and there. But breaking those rules have only brought back 10 very VERY unwanted pounds. Booo.

my favorite shirt of all time!

Its my birthday this week and I’m doing a lame “LAST HURRAH” and letting myself have sushi and cake and not work out. However this will ALL END monday morning! September 13th is the start of my “Skinny Bride” “Healthy Weight” “Healthy Girl” plan. I’m even starting a new weight loss progression chart over there ———>

And weigh in will be Friday Morning, just like when I use to go to weight watchers. I will weigh myself in front of Mr. Gaunt and he will force me to write it down.

So how much more do I want to lose? 50 pounds. Yup 50, in 12 months! That’s 4.1 pounds a month and 1.04 pounds a week. that is so do-able!

Mr. Gaunt wants to lose 35 pounds in the next year. That’s 2.9 pounds a month and .7 a week. Again he can do it!

For my birthday I’m getting new tennis shoes because mine are shot. Mr. Gaunt and I have big plans for working out that I plan to hold him to! Mostly running or at least walking 5 days a week, or more.

So there yah go. If you don’t see me post again on this in 2 weeks YELL AT ME! because I’m serious! I’m gonna FINISH getting Skinny!


Greek Fest

Ugg, I am back up 5 pounds. Not that 5 pounds is that much because I could lose and gain 5 pounds in a weekend. None the less its kind of lame. I did however quit smoking (a post to come later) so I’m blaming that…lol! Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to count Weight Watchers points for the next 10 days just so I can get back down about 10 pounds for Washington. Counting points is really just a simple way of doing portion control, easier than counting calories. So we will see.

This weekend is our friend Jenny’s birthday celebration so I need to think about food and a gift. Must not over do it! Must stay on track! I don’t have any crazy idea that I will be really skinny when I go to Washington, but all my clothes fit perfect when I’m down about 8 pounds, so no overkill this weekend. As for gifts, I think I need to get crafty!

In Fatter news we went to the Greek Fest and ate a whole ton of shit!  Ha! I love Love Love Greek food (as well as My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Why don’t I own this?) it was all sorts of amazing.

Mr. Gaunt and Ms. G

Strong Man

It was busted

Greek Calamari...meh...only ok.

Greek Salad, my favorite.

I would eat Gyros for every meal if I could