Weigh In Friday!

Aww snap!

I didn’t forget, today is weigh in day. We are weighing in on Fridays, but the last weigh in was on the first, so a little over a week ago.

Alright so Mr Gaunt lost…


And I lost…



Since I was 1 pound heavier than I wanted to be on the first, this still makes me 1.5 pounds heavier than my goal for today. None the less I’m still just shooting to lose 10 pounds in June. So far we are doing so good!  I still need to lose 8 more pounds in 3 weeks, which is slightly more than 2 .5 pounds a week…eek! I’ll be happy with just a solid 2.5 pounds loss this week. Gotta work hard and stay on track!

In Workout news…

We walked around Lake Padden (2.5 miles) with my friend and her boyfriend and THREE crazy little dogs. Its was quite a sight. Yesterday I skipped my strength training, so today I will be doing Thursdays workout x2. Off to work soon, and I got FOUR painting orders that have to get done this weekend…gah! Mildly stressed.



Now That Its June We’ll Sleep Out in The Garden

Happy June!!!!

June to me has always marked the start of Summer! And I am so ready for this summer!

June also marks my 6th month of not smoking (cold turkey thankyouverymuch)….GO ME!!!

June 1st means that in 114 days I will be MRS. GAUNT!

And in 102 days I will be 26 years old!

June marks the summer that I will lose the last of my Overweightness.

The summer that I will get in shape, and *gasp* become a runner?

June means suntans, sangria, and River floating.

And this song. Which is so near and dear to my heart that I really have no words to express how I feel about it. Just love:


To celebrate Mr. Gaunt and I got up and did a 5k this morning. Mr. Gaunt ran along side me which was awesome! It still took us about 50 minutes, but we did do more long distance running, less breaks. I just need to focus on continuing running through the whole thing.


I woke up this morning to the (once hidden) scale sitting in the hallway. I peed, stripped down and weighed myself. The end result was exactly 14 pounds lost! I was shooting for 15 pounds, but who am I to complain. I had to lose 14 pounds in 41 days , 4 pounds in 12 of those days.  I’m pretty pleased.

Now I have to lose 10 pounds in June. If we break it down I need to lose a little less than 2.5 pounds a week. Eeek! I’m going to stick with only weighing myself once a week to keep my sanity. I’ll probably make Fridays weigh in days. Which means this friday will be “the little extra bonus weight” I get before my 4 weeks actually starts.

Workout goal = 6 days a week of walking 2-5 miles. 7 days a week of mini-workouts. Speaking of, don’t forget to do Wednesdays!

Mr. Gaunt and I are off to the wedding rental place today to rent silverware, napkins, and a few other things. And to pay for our cake we ordered yesterday!!! So exciting!


The Night Before

Tomorrow is June 1st. I had big hopes to have lost 15 pounds by then. To keep on track for my overall wedding weight loss I REALLY needed to hit 15 pounds loss by tomorrow. Last Friday after a rather unsightly “I’m ugly” Breakdown Mr. Gaunt took my scale and hid it. The first day without it I definitely felt panicked. WHAT DID I WEIGH! WAS I GAINING WEIGHT AS WE SPEAK?! However by this morning I realized I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and my weight will be whatever it is tomorrow. He’s giving he scale back to me tomorrow morning for the weigh-in, then taking it away again for a week. Although I am a STRONG believer in the scale as a motivator, I also know its unhealthy to let the scale dictate whether I will be having a good day or a bad day. So I’ll only be doing weekly weigh-ins from now on.

Today Mr. Gaunt did my 5k with me. I wont lie, it was a little awkward as I’m trying to run as much as I can, and he doesn’t run at all. I felt bad for ditching him, and found myself slowing down or walking to stay with him. I really want him to workout too, but I might have to be ok with us doing it separately. After the 5k we went to Cornwall Park and played 9 “holes” of frisbee golf, which is super fun.

Oh and I joined Daily Mile which is an online way to keep track of your workouts! I’d love it if my friends who are working out would join too!!! Let me know if you do, or search for me: morganmelim(at)yahoo(dot)com

Alright, back in the morning with weigh in results and June Goals!

Week One Weigh In!

Birthday dinner September 12th 2010

Week One Total Loss – 3 Pounds

Mr. Gaunt Loss – 2 Pounds

Woop! That’s not too bad! I ate pretty healthy this week. I only had two lattes, and we made some pretty great dinners. One night I made mashed Sweet Potatoes with Edmame, brocoli and a little turkey sausage all combined. It was amazing! Then Mr. Gaunt made a squash and zucchini stir fry. And last night we went out to eat and got veggies burgers with fruit as our side.

As for running, we completed 4 days of running and have to one more today. They encourage you to take at least every third day off to give your muscles a break, so we took Thursday off. The running itself isn’t too bad, our muscles got really sore on Wednesday, so sore we were both hobbling around like old people. It’s hard to find a rhythm of briskly jogging and not being too winded. We are both just very out of shape, and neither of us have ever been runners.

On a side note my new shoes might be the most comfortable shoes ever!

Next week the plan changes up a bit, which I will post about on Sunday. I’m a little nervous, but will give it my best effort. Today I have an interview for a part-time seasonal position at Pier 1, I’m a little nervous to start working two jobs, but I just have to focus on the goal and stick it out. So far switching to Mr. Gaunt’s team at work is working out very nicely too.


Were serious about getting in shape!

70 Pounds Lost…Officially.

Well I did it! I hit 70lbs lost on Monday night at my Weight Watchers meeting. That means I’m really only about 1.5lbs away on my home scale to hitting 75, this is pleasing. Last week went fine, I managed to avoid all Super Bowl garbage by going to see a movie (I don’t even care about sports, I only attend Super Bowl parties FOR the FOOD!) so that was good.

The weather here is still pretty crap-tastic. Snow upon freezing wind followed by sun, oh Colorado you are so crazy. The days have DEFINITELY gotten longer which Thrills me! I saw this Post Secret last week and I just feel like it was calling to me:

My meeting actually went really well, there are a lot of new members right now so every week I see people I have never seen before. When I weighed in there was a new woman at the desk, and of course as soon as she saw my achievement of 70lbs she got all excited and said…can you guess…”OH MY GOD YOU MUST FEEL LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON!” Yeah I get this a LOT. That night though I just smiled and said “you know, not really” which my WW leader over heard and she came over to chat. We started talking about how it takes a while for you brain to catch up with your body. She told me about some study they did with like 100 woman of varying sizes that they put in a room and told them to stand in a long line from biggest to smallest. The women had to silently without help from each other find their spot in the line. In the end only a very small percentage of the women actually understood what size they were, some guessed too small, some to large. The women that were the most off were the ones who had lost a  significant amount of weight, these women were blind to their own size. I feel like that right now.

This week we talked about “Putting Yourself First” which is something I have mastered! LOL! Seriously though I have 100% made me (and Mr. Gaunt)’s health my main priority, and I’m cool with that! I could never have gotten this far if I hadn’t put ME first! Anyways, after we talked about that we did “Celebrations” which I was pretty excited about because I had a new number! When my leader announced my accomplishment everyone clapped for me, and then my leader asked me to talk about what was my key to success. This is always kind of a hard one, but I told them about how I have learned to cook healthy meals, and how I have made this my life style and how I put myself first. I’ve thought about sharing about my blog (which I do attribute a lot of my success too) but I havent yet. After that we all started getting ready to go and this little old man (who comes with his wife, I bet they are in their late 70’s) came up to me and shook my hand and said “I am just so proud of you.” It melted my heart, he doesn’t even know me and he is proud of me. It made me think how much I am looking forward to seeing my own grandparent this summer so they can say the same thing. As I was leaving a few other people came up and asked me questions and said sweet things about my weight loss, I really felt on top of the world. If nothing else, it’s THAT community that keeps me going back to Weight Watchers.

So I dont have a 70lb picture because I took one not too long ago, but I will leave you with this…it made me laugh.

Another Shitty Week.

waiting for summer

Oh yeah, I didn’t go to weigh-in!

Yeah thats because I’m a loser (and not in a good way) in fact I’m more of a gainer! Crap! No matter how many time I remind myself I always let “Fake Weight Loss” superficially please me. Oh what’s “Fake Weight Loss” you ask? Well basically its a term I made up all on my own, but it’s when you lose weight in a unatural way (natural being basic calories in calories out). There can be many things that cause “Fake Weight Loss” like:

-Abnormally extreme workouts, like climbing a mountain.

-Being stuck somewhere where you can’t eat for a very long time, like out at sea

-Giving Birth…ha!


-Excessive sweating

Or in my case last week, being sick for an entire weekend and chosing to sleep rather than eat. See although I was thrilled to drop 2lbs in a weekend, I should have known it wouldn’t last. Thats the thing about “Fake Weight Loss” it doesn’t last, it always comes back. Lame.

Anyways my “Fake Weight Loss” came back and I’m sitting uncomfortably at least 2lbs higher than last week. Therefore I took the easy way out and skipped my weigh in. I feel really shitty about it, but I just need to get back on track. The bad thing is, I have ZERO motivation. I keep telling myself to go to the gym, to stop eating salt, to not come home from work and sit on my ass for the rest of the night. None of it works.

I was feeling really blue yesterday about my weight, seeing a higher number than I’d seen in a while. Then I was talking to a coworker who told me that Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year had just happened, therefore I’m blaming this lull on the tail ends of that. January just kind of sucks. I’m also soooo done with winter! I’m so sick of the short days and how it’s too cold to be outside. Bleh! I can’t wait until I can go swimming in my pool every day after work, and Mr. Gaunt and I can go for walks and paddle boat! We are even thinking about riding bikes this summer!

So at this point I don’t know how to get my shit together. I really wanted to lose my 75lbs awhile ago, but if I don’t hit it by the end of January I’m gonna cry. Seriously. This has been my worst month yet. Alright I’m off to bed so maybe I wont be quite so tired tomorrow. Let me know if you have any good motivational tips, I could use them.