Weight Wachers Day 1, Round 2

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting ROUND TWO today at 9am.  See proof (thankyouverymuchinstagram):

Don’t you just LOVE those lime green chairs! The building is brand new, it opened last week, right next to the coffee spot that makes awesome Raspberry White Chocolate Scones! <—Thisiswhyyourefat. Uh..anyway it’s all sorts of high tech, but once the meeting got started it all seemed familiar. I definitely plan to switch my meeting time, probably to the evening because this meeting was full of much older women. I was probably the only person under 50 there. Not that I dis like older women, but we live much different lifestyles. Most of them are retired, and not very tech savvy. It makes a lot of the meeting irrelevant to me. For instance we were talking about bad habits, and all of them were saying how they wake up at 2am and eat. This sounds crazy to me! I have never in my life woken up in the middle of the night and eaten. Maybe its something that happens to you when your old?

I wont bore you with how the WW system works, because this isn’t a weight watchers blog, its a FEEL GOOD BLOG! But I will tell you what today’s meeting was about.


They had us use the below formula to determine a BAD habit that we do, when/where/who we do this habit with, and what sort of POSITIVE feeling we get from it:

Then we take the same formula and try to determine a GOOD habit that we can do with the same who/where/when and get the same positive feelings.

Mine went a little something like this. My family is awesome, but we LOVE to eat and drink! We love to throw a party with good food, cater a wedding, go out for a birthday dinner! But it makes me fat, so I’d like to try to do things that are less food related and more activity related. Now I’m not talking about going on a hike (that’s not our style) but maybe do a project, work in the yard, paint pottery, whatever. Take the main focus of social events off the food. This sounds nearly impossible, but like Jennifer Hudson tells me, I must BELIEVE I can do it.

This morning I did some work errands, and now I have to go to work (I clean my moms bar twice a week). So far all I’ve eaten is an iced vanilla Americano with a little cream <—Its better than a latte people!! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!


Happy Sunday – Weigh In

Those two things don’t really go together though. We will get right to it, this week wasn’t so good. I don’t really have any excuses, I ate too much, drank too much and now weigh a little more.

Me     +1

Mr. Gaunt     -3

Yup I gained a pound.  I could easily say it had to do with lifting weights and blah blah blah, but I doubt I gained a pound of muscle this week lol. But it’s ok. It’s a good reminder that if I want to lose weight I have to wait until I am HUNGRY to eat and stop when I am FULL.

But I’m not letting this get me down today. It still will be a happy Sunday! Me and my sister and Mr. Gaunt are going to help my mom re-do her bathroom today! For Christmas the three of us got her all new bathroom linens (towels, rugs, curtain etc) and a Home Depot gift card to buy paint. So today we are going to finally do it. We also have plans to fix her crazy running toilet and maybe re-caulk the tub, we will see. These are the kinds of things I missed so much while I was in Colorado, and would have killed to spend a day working on a project with my family, so I’m going to enjoy it!

Oooh! Also if you remember me talking about workout pants last week, I’ve been on the hunt. I was having the hardest time finding any that met my requirements.

1. No fold over waste band (they fall down)

2. Capri Length

3. NOT shiny (my ass does not need to be reflective)

4. Tight at the top but with a slightly flared calf (or at least not skin tight at the calf)

5. Not $$$

Which is impossible to find you guys! I found a few at Costco that looked ok, but they were pricey $30 (seriously folks, I’m REALLY poor). I originally like these from Old Navy, but they only come in plus size and I like them pretty tight. I also really like these from the GAP but they were $50! I had a 30% off coupon, but with shipping they were still pricey. I came thisclose to ordering them, but didn’t. A few people told me to go to Luluemon (or their outlet) and yeah ok, these, these, and this are all mad cute, but like I would ever spend $86 on yoga pants…ha! Insanity!

So I put it off, and I wore my yucky old ones, or the ones with the fold over waste that fall down, until yesterday. Mr. Gaunt and I were at Value Village trolling the aisles not finding much, until I remembered the workout pants. Now normally I almost put workout pants into the same category as tights…in that I don’t really want to wear someone elses, but I thought just a glance wouldn’t hurt. This is where the Used Clothing Gods shined their light upon me and reminded me to not be a stuck up dumb girl dreaming of $86 workout pants and remember that if I believe in them enough the Used Clothing Gods will always provide for me.

BAM! Brand new looking Champion workout pants $5

Annnnnndd a super cute Adidas reversible Workout Skirt $7 (they are like $50 new!)

So yeah, that’s freaking excellent! I cant wait to go burn off the pound I gained this week! Also the snow all melted which makes my life 1000x better. It also makes it so I don’t just want to sit in my house and eat chicken pot pies all day. COME SOON SPRING!




Happy Sunday! It’s snowing!

Which means everyone holes up in their houses and doesn’t go anywhere. However it’s not an excuse to drink hot sugary drinks all day and bake. Nope, gotta stay on track. Clean your house, do laundry, clean out your fridge. And if you did get the urge to make something warm and yummy, head over to SKINNY TASTE and make one of their lower calorie meals!

This week I missed TWO (yeah didn’t see yesterdays did yah) Daily Eats posts. Bummer on me. Yesterday was a weird day, we went over to a new friends house to watch the football game, and I didn’t want to come off as a crazy person taking photos of my food. So I didn’t. But I did eat fresh fruit, veggies with no dip (dip=devil) a small handful of chicken nachos, and some Pirates Booty. It was actually really awesome making new friends, I hope that we can hang out more with them as they are living a similar lifestyle to  us, which is hard to come by. I also drank TWO Vanilla Lattes (one non fat) and we made this for breakfast:

Home Made french toast sticks and a Denver scramble. So yummy, and I didn’t eat all of it. I feel like I am really working hard and stopping when I’m full.

So on to weight in. I think yesterday definable impacted my weight, with a fair amount of carbs, I also probably ate out more than I should have this past week. Maybe I will actually cook more this week lol. Results:

-2 Pounds.

Not bad. I’ll take it! I need to continue to lose about 2.3 pounds a week to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 90 days. I can do it!

Other big props goes to my friend Hilary who lost 3.1 pounds!

Mr. Gaunt drank like 9 beers yesterday so he of course is up 3 pounds. He needs to work on his beer portion control. And no one else offered up their results either. Apparently the average women will give up her New Years Resolution just SIX days into the New Year, while men will make it 12. I am happy to say both Mr. Gaunt and I are going strong on our resolutions. Don’t be a statistic! Keep workin it!

WEIGH IN! (and Daily Eats – Day 8)

Oh it’s so late! The day was a whirlwind for us. We had our first Bridal Expo and it went fabulously. I’m not exactly sure what entails a good show or not, but we passed out a ton of info, had the cutest booth on the block and networked like crazy. But my feet are sore and I am sooo not looking forward to work tomorrow. Prepare to see a 20 oz latte on the menu tomorrow!

Oh and the best part of the day….WEIGH IN! I really really felt like I did so good this week. I didnt eat or drink ANYTHING that I didnt show you. Even today at the show I didnt put so much as an M&M in my mouth…I was in control! Back to weigh in, I woke up and emediatly weighed myself, knowing that if it didnt go well then it may put a funk in my day. The result?

-6 Pounds!


I lost 6 pounds this week! Squeal! I’m sure some of this is still just losing post-holiday bloat, but HOT DAM IM ON TRACK!

Mr. Gaunt did so well too! Yesterday he weighed in at a 10 pound loss, but today it was more like a 7 pound lost. So proud of him! We are both on such great track for the 30 in 90!

I also had two friends who sent me there losses (yay for being moral support to eachother!)

Kelli lost 1 pound

Hilary lost 1.7 pounds

GREAT JOB LADIES! Anyone else want to share how there week went? My mom isnt one to weigh herself, but I know she at like a champ, and she said she definitely felt like she was down a few pounds.

So congrats to everyone! What a great first week of 2012! Keep on track this week. Carbs and sugar down, veggies and protein up and WORK OUT! Weigh in next Sunday, I’d love to lose 2 more pounds. Oh and the awesome Jen Martin took some photos of our booth today, so hopefully in the next week or two I can share those with you too.

Oh and here’s what I ate today. Not great, but it’s hard to eat well when you are away from home all day. Plus we were very busy working an on our feet all day, so I didnt feel too bad about my choices.

16 oz Non Fat Vanilla Latte

Breakfast Sandwich (total garbage)

3 bites of this chicken Thai Wrap from Trader Joes. No sauce, just cabbage and chicken. It was meh. Mr. Gaunt ate the rest

Celebration Dinner! Portobello Burger (no cheese) with a side salad (but I totes ate those wontons….yum!) Plus a Mojito

Dried Date and Glass of Strongbough for Dessert.

The only thing I didn’t take a photo of was 4 slices of Roast beef (thin slice) that I scarfed down like a crazy person. I must have been craving Iron…it was a moment of weakness. So goodo

Missed Days

Yesterday was Weigh in Day.

I woke up feeling really good about it, like I had definitely lost weight. I had been so good at staying on track.

Our scale broke earlier this week, so we jogged to my moms.

my allergies went insane and my eyes, nose, ears, EVERYTHING was watering awful.

My moms scale said we had both gained 3 pounds.

Obviously broken, or our scale has been broken for months, either way I’m not buying it.

I had a breakdown, mostly because I’m tired and I miss life.

I slept until 11 today, which I knew I would. I really wanted to sleep as much as I could. I go back to work at 2. That gives me about 2 hours to do stuff. luckily I get off at 10pm instead of 1am so we can go out after I get off. Then tomorrow I’m waking up SUPER early and we are going to have an adventure or something.

Oh and we are getting married in 90 DAYS! I can’t believe we have been engaged for almost a whole year (July 10th). What a crazy crazy year. We gotta get more stuff done! The Paper Zone is having a sale this weekend so we need to get our paper for the invitations! I feel like there are many To Do Lists in my future!

Last but not least

GO GO GO NEW YORK!!!!! I think it’s about time I take Mr. Gaunt to see this awesome state!

Official Weigh in, Minus the freakout.

Well last night really was just a fake.  I didn’t really gain 3 pounds this week, must have been all the water I drank last night. Whatever.

Today I went and worked out at the pool (Deep Water Running) with my mom. It was a nice change of pace to the daily running.

After I got home I weighed myself.  I lost .2 pounds from last week. Wow, lame. Mr. Gaunt lost .5 pounds. Equally lame. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but we are moving on and starting a new week!

We have decided to gradually and very relaxed move towards a more Paleo Diet. I wont even get into all that it entails because I really don’t care. We are eating the following:

-Meat & Seafood




And not much else. That means no potatoes, no pasta or grains, no sugar, no dairy etc. However I don’t follow rules well, so I’m still doing my granola and yogurt in the morning, and I will still have cake sometimes. In fact I will still do whatever I want some times, but I’m going to try to lean more Paleo than not. Got it?

So I still need to lose like 9 pounds this month…ha! Obviously that’s not going to happen, so I’ll lose what I can and not beat myself up about the rest. I actually feel pretty ok with myself the last few days, so that’s good.

They informed us last night that we will be working 10 hour shifts 5 days a week and a 6 hours shift on Saturday for the next few weeks. This is mildly insane, but we need the money. So unfortunately I will have little to no time for anything but Mr. Gaunt, working out, and work. This is  pre-warning to anyone who might want to hang out, the answer is no. At least until mid-July.

I also have SUCKED at my strength training, as I use to do it when I got off work, but now I go to bed. I’ll see if I can get back into it. I liked feeling stronger.

HAPPY FRIDAY! This is for Mr. Gaunt…