The Busiest September of all time

Our only “un-eventful” September weekend is officially over. I’m glad it was 3 days, I needed some extra chill out time. The next few weekend are going to be a blur of awesomeness! We did buy a fancy-pants lawn mower today. Also my brother and I picked a ton of blackberries and I made two cobblers. I also cleaned a lot of my house, washed all our “goodwill” wedding dishes (100 plates). We also found a dead tree to cut up for our centerpieces, and got some free patio furniture.

They are crazy metallic fabric, not real metal.

Next weekend is my “Birthday Weekend” (my birthday is Monday the 12th), as well as my sisters Graduation Party (her graduation is tomorrow, party on Sunday) and J’s best man Jake comes into town and we will be picking him up in Seattle.

The following weekend is my bachelorette Party (Saturday)! I’m so excited for this! Getting dressed up and drinking with all my bestfriends! Its so rare for all of us to get together, I’m so excited! Then on Sunday is my Bridal Shower, bring on the party games!

Then the next weekend is my wedding! I can’t even believe it’s in 18 days! That is crazy. looking at my list though, all the major things are done. We are going to be all completely paid up on our vendors this week. I pick my dress up on Wednesday! The things left to do re just little odds and ends that either are on J’s list or my “week of” list.

I also in a weird turn of events have started feeling less concerned about my looks/weight. I’m just excited to get married and be happy and have all these amazing people at our wedding, and who the hell cares if I have a little extra arm chub? Not me. I have better things to worry about. Being happy!

Gotta Get Down On

ha! You know you love it!

Today is pay day! I’m going after work to get my eyebrows waxed as they need it sooooo bad.

I need new Yoga Capris, as the ones I have are the fold over waste band kind, and they are way too big. However I have been to a few stores and been unable to find anything I like. Seems there is a lot of spandex out there….gah. Today I might try Old Navy.

I havent decided what my workout is going to be today. A small part of me might like to skip it as I do have a number of errands I need to do, and I would like to clean the house really good. We will see.

My BFF (and Maid of Honor) is coming up for the weekend! Yay!! This will mark the 4th time I have seen her since I moved back, that’s amazing! I use to only see her like every six months, lame. Shes going to show me some weight lifting things she learned from a  class she took. I’m desperate to get rid of reduce my chicken wing arms!

Lastly for the month I am down 11 Pounds. I only have 3 pounds to lose by the end of May, must keep going!

Alright now time for shower, then coffee, then work.

I leave you with this picture of a kitten that makes my heart burst! There is a lost cat sign on one of my routes downtown, and I tear up when I have to walk past it….sooo sad.

Weekend With Tank

We babysat my sisters dog Tank this weekend while she was at a Hair Show in Seattle. Tanky is a pretty cool dog, only mildly crazy like most little dogs. We decided the best idea was to wear him out by doing a lot of outdoor stuff. Tank lives in an apartment, so he really loved being outside and running around.

The first place we took him was Larrabee State Park for a little hiking in the woods along the cliff. It was really beautiful even in early spring.  The weather was really nice too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the yard. Tank played with Hula, we weeded the blueberry bed. We got the rest of the patio area dug up and did the first round of leveling. Tank played fetch and got out and barked at EVERYTHING he could. In the evening after grilling up Chicken Sausages and Zucchini, we walked down to Little Squalicum Beach. We let Tank roam around and sniff things while we enjoyed the view and the sunset.

Tank went home this afternoon after we managed to lay the first half of our patio! We really enjoyed him being here.

Two Weeks, Taxes, and Valentines

We got our Taxes…Woop Woop! Our savings is finally looking a bit more robust. After a month of car problems, work problems, and health problems, its nice to get some good news….in cash form.

Mr. Gaunt is off today at a Golf Expo with his friend Drew, so I am going off on a hunt for a valentine for him! I’m gonna hit up the shops of Pearl St, and then to get some cookie baking stuff. We are going over to Jenny and Justin’s (and Liam’s) tonight and I would like to bring Liam a Valentine and some cookies too. Plus Mr. Gaunt has been begging me to make him cookies for like 2 years now. And by cookies I mean something with real butter and Sugar, and not Vegan….lol.

Monday will mark 2 weeks until I leave. This is exciting and nerve-racking. I need to find us a storage unit this weekend and change my flight over. There is talk of me transferring my job temporarily so I can get my bonus, we will see on Monday.

Mr. Gaunt’s transfer has gotten a bit confusing, so hopefully that all works itself out today. I am soooo excited to get back home and start really planning my wedding (first time I will actually be seeing the inside of my wedding venue!) and get into our new house and start painting and garden planning. Our Save the Dates are going out this weekend too! Yay! Then I can show you how I made them.

I leave you with a picture of Hula on our Heating Pad. Her and I fight over it. I get up and she scurries over and lies on it. Sometimes she like to act extra cute to deter me from kicking her off. It’s a good thing we have two of them.

Reasons that Today was awesome

1. HAPPY DO DO EEUM! (the boy turns 2 tomorrow, he had quite the party today)

Megan, Eeum, and Say Say. How I love them so.

2. THIS ARRIVED IN THE MAIL. (and its perfect in every way. I could not be happier)

3. WE ARE DRINKING THIS (well I am…Tori Spelling recommended it on Twitter…lol)


5. AND READING THIS. (I like to read while watching a film, and I didnt know this existed, very exciting)

Hello Luvah

Betcha wonder where I’ve been. Well I’ve been working 9 hour shifts starting at 5am! Yup 5am! How fun is that! And since I live between 30-45 minutes from where I work, that means I wake up at 3:30 am! Ha! So yeah, I’ve been going to bed at like 8:30 so I don’t die on my drive to work. Sigh, only one more week of this. I actually have plans to show y’all what I do at work with PICTURES..YAY! but not now. For now I’m enjoying my friday (which started at 9:30 am…the only perk of working long days with a far drive is short Fridays!) so far I took my phone to Verizon because it’s having a weird problem. Of course weird problem wouldn’t do its weird thing when I got there so they really couldn’t do anything for me. Then I got coffee and talked to Mr. Gaunt who is en route to New Mexico for the weekend to visit a friend. Then I had a long talk with my BFF Mallory on the phone about…oh…Life, Love, Babies, God, Religion, Therapy…you know, the usual. Mallory is my dearest friend and the older we get the more we have in common, and although we have been friends since kindergarten, I think age and space had brought us closer…I heart her.

Oh and I lost 1.6 pounds at weigh in on Monday! Go me!

Anyways today I have lovely plans to go to Old Navy because all their jeans are on sale for $19 and I DESERVE new jeans. Right now I’m floating between a 14 and a 16. This sucks, but I have to stop waiting to get smaller, I have to live in the now. I was talking to Kelli the other night about weight loss, she is a bit smaller than me (that slut!) but she seems to be having just as hard of a time accepting her now smaller frame. It really got me thinking, and although I REALLY want to wear a size 10 and I REALLY want to weigh 160, I’m going to live it up here in a size 15! I have worked my butt off and I deserve to be happy and content! I can not keep waiting for the future, I need to appreciate this. If you had asked me a year ago if I could drop 75lbs and 4 pants sizes over night, I would have kissed your face and laid down dead! It would have been the most amazing thing in the world. But since it DIDNT happen over night, it doesn’t feel quite as amazing. This will change today!

Whitney Thompson is ANTM winner season 10, and she’s a 14 and she’s freaking GORGEOUS! Maybe I don’t look too bad either.

Ok moving on from all of that. Im going to scrapbook a bit today, and watch some Big Love and maybe call Ms. G and get some dinner. Im going to enjoy my solo weekend and do things I might not do when Mr. Gaunt is home. It will be a good weekend.

Oh and before I go, I leave you with a list of a few new favorite links (they are also added under BLOGS! tab) enjoy!

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