Weigh in and Weekends

It’s almost the weekend! Which is silly for me to be excited about, because I don’t even have a job lol. BUT BUT BUT! This weekend we are going away for our anniversary, so it’s something to look forward to!

Ignore my greasy hair and no make up, kthanks. It also looks like I’m talking on an imaginary telephone…which I am…duh.

Today I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. I went 1 day early because we are leaving tomorrow morning, and I have stuff to do. So I hauled my yoga pant clad ass across town to Weight Watchers, and waited in line (oh my god why is it so hard for adults to properly create a line?) to find out I lost…

5. 4 Pounds!   <— Week one’s are always like this.


The leader of the meeting is the same leader from last week, who I REALLY don’t care for. I don’t connect with her, and I find her annoying.  This meeting however did have at least 3 women in their 30s, so that was nice. Although there were some women in their 80’s too, which makes me so sad to think that women in their EIGHTIES are still struggling with their weight. I guess I would have the “you only have a few good years left, live em up!” <— thisiswhyyourfat. Hmmm. Needless to say I want to find a different leader who I like, at a different time, but I’ll probably wait until I know my new job schedule.

This weeks topic was WEEKEND MAKEOVER, focusing on things you can do to make your weekends more weight loss productive. So many people think of Weekends as their free-pass, and the week as their “strict time” where they stay on track. According to “somebody who researches this stuff” The average American eats 115 extra calories on the weekends, equaling 17,490 calories a year, or 5 pounds of weight. I’m willing to bet, it’s even more for a lot of folks.

So we discussed how to limit your beer (there was even discussion on how many points are in O’Doul’s Non Alcoholic Beer…ugh, I hate this group, the answer is 2 points, I looked it up on my iphone while they all pondered, GET SMART PHONES PEOPLE!) and wine intake, how to watch your football game snacking, and how you should just move more. CHECK CHECK CHECK! I have no plans to mess up my work this weekend! We will be finding entrainment in the great outdoors, not food and alcohol!


As I was writing this post UPS showed up and delivered this:

It’s a birthday/Christmas gift from my mother in law! IN ICE FREAKING BLUE! (or as I like to refer to it: Tiffany Blue, or Martha Blue). Oh she is such a beauty. I can not wait to bake a million treats (and give them away…obviously) this winter! We want to get the pasta roller or Ravioli attachment (So we can make our own whole grain pasta!) and the ice cream maker (so we can make our own frozen yogurt!). Seriously I feel like my life as a housewife (ha ha ha) is complete! What more could I need? Oh…maybe a kid or two, I’m working on it! Jeez!
Thanks Deborah!!! It’s seriously amazing! I’ll bake yah a pie when you come out for Thanksgiving!

For the rest of the weekend I have auto-scheduled posts of our wedding photos! Which I never even posted last year because I’m lazy, and it took 12 weeks for us to get them, so I lost interest. Enjoy.