Just call me Morgan Stewart

Because me and Martha would make an awesome team…seriously.

There has been a truck load of wedding crafting around here! I really do plan to show more of these items in detail, this is just a splash of crafty candy for your eyes! to say that my house is a bit of a mess wouldn’t be a lie. Oh well, it keeps me entertained.

Needless to say Hula does NOTHING but lay around on the coffee table looking adorable.


Dried Wedding Flowers

I decided because all of my bridesmaids will be wearing grey, that I wanted to spice things up with their flowers. Originally I had wanted them all to carry little potted plants, however we decided that would be a bit awkward for them as they wouldn’t be able to link arms with their groomsmen and they would look kind of like they were presenting me with an offering…which is weird. So last week I decided to just order a few dried flowers that I will mix with some greenery for bouquets.

The things I ordered are dried Billy Balls, and dried yellow Babies Breath! It’s actually really cool.

I’m very exited for these to show up so I can play around with them! I think they will be super cute. This last weekend I went with my MOH Mallory to help her find a dress and shoes AND I bought my own wedding shoes. It was an excellent shopping trip that ended with SPRAY TANS! Today I look like I should be on the Jersey shore….very entertaining.

Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself.

-Make six awesome (and non traditional) Boutonnieres.    CHECK!

-Make 80 (equally awesome and non traditional) wedding invitations.    CHECK!

-Place said invitations in stamped envelopes.    CHECK!

-Order 200 clear Address Labels.      CHECK!

-Order 80 Cat stickers (you heard me right).      CHECK!

-Score a sweet deal on Grey M&Ms and Yellow Chocolate Covered Sunflowers Seeds on clearance at Michaels.      CHECK!

-Order Straws, fans, cupcake wrappers all in corresponding Grey and yellow.     CHECK!

-Create “Day Of” Schedule with corresponding music for DJ.      CHECK!

-Get Saturday off from work so I can go Dress/Shoe shopping with my MOH on the 16th.      CHECK!

I attempted to make a short “TO DO STILL” list, but it quickly became a mile long. Lets stick to the positives for now. And by positives I mean that I ordered 80 stickers of my cat today…amazing, I know.


It’s already 11. I haven’t been up for more than 45 minutes.

Last night was a late one.

On Saturday I will be working 2pm-10pm putting me at 58 hours for the week.

I’m not working out today.

Mr. Gaunt is still asleep and it is chilly outside and we are cozy inside.

I have to run and get a paint pen for my Boutonnieres project.

Other than that we will be sitting at home watching The Walking Dead and eating soup.

I also need to find paper doilies for the wedding. Any suggestions as to where I can buy these?

I have  few different ideas for using doilies and Id like to dye them yellow!

Now That Its June We’ll Sleep Out in The Garden

Happy June!!!!

June to me has always marked the start of Summer! And I am so ready for this summer!

June also marks my 6th month of not smoking (cold turkey thankyouverymuch)….GO ME!!!

June 1st means that in 114 days I will be MRS. GAUNT!

And in 102 days I will be 26 years old!

June marks the summer that I will lose the last of my Overweightness.

The summer that I will get in shape, and *gasp* become a runner?

June means suntans, sangria, and River floating.

And this song. Which is so near and dear to my heart that I really have no words to express how I feel about it. Just love:


To celebrate Mr. Gaunt and I got up and did a 5k this morning. Mr. Gaunt ran along side me which was awesome! It still took us about 50 minutes, but we did do more long distance running, less breaks. I just need to focus on continuing running through the whole thing.


I woke up this morning to the (once hidden) scale sitting in the hallway. I peed, stripped down and weighed myself. The end result was exactly 14 pounds lost! I was shooting for 15 pounds, but who am I to complain. I had to lose 14 pounds in 41 days , 4 pounds in 12 of those days.  I’m pretty pleased.

Now I have to lose 10 pounds in June. If we break it down I need to lose a little less than 2.5 pounds a week. Eeek! I’m going to stick with only weighing myself once a week to keep my sanity. I’ll probably make Fridays weigh in days. Which means this friday will be “the little extra bonus weight” I get before my 4 weeks actually starts.

Workout goal = 6 days a week of walking 2-5 miles. 7 days a week of mini-workouts. Speaking of, don’t forget to do Wednesdays!

Mr. Gaunt and I are off to the wedding rental place today to rent silverware, napkins, and a few other things. And to pay for our cake we ordered yesterday!!! So exciting!


Sleep it Off

Yesterday was kind of a blah day for me. I felt horribly tired and sad, so I took a nice long nap, and then laid on the couch. Oh well. The closer the wedding gets the more I tend to let my feelings about things overwhelm me. I’m working on it.

Weight loss is going splendidly. I’m down about 12 pounds, and am only 2 pounds away from my end of my goal (to lose 15 pounds). Besides our hike on Saturday I didn’t work out this weekend, but today I will be starting again. My MOH came up this weekend and brought me some heavier weights. I’m going to youtube some videos on how to use them. I’d really love to get my arms firmer. Oh and we saw Bridesmaids…amazing…especially the part with Wilson Philips, as I sang Hold On in my 2nd grade talent show, hand signs and all.

I’ve decided since I’m now working in an office (and not in a hardware store) to try to grow my nails out. I don’t bite them, but they have always stayed short because of the line of work I was in. It’s a silly goal, but it would be nice to have them for the wedding.

I really think I want to finish Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis this summer. I started it a long time ago and found it very challenging, but I think it would be a good place to let my brain go and wander around.

I bought an amazing sweatshirt at Goodwill yesterday that has a screen print of a screaming squirrel on it. It’s so weird I should take a picture of it to show you.

I have major Honeymoon on the brain. Mr. Gaunt and I on a tropical vacation, just the two of us. Sigh, sounds freaking amazing! If I can manage to work enough overtime this summer, were doing it!

Happy Monday!!!