And since Fridays workout references Mondays and I forgot to put up mondays, you get two workouts for the price of one!

Wow my laziness really took over last night. Not only did I not walk, I also didn’t do my mini workout out, AND I had a glass of wine and some Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. Gah! In case you were wondering that tacks on .4 pounds this morning…lame.

It’s rather unfortunate that even one bad day can totally kink your week. It doesn’t matter if you were super good all week and ate perfectly and worked out. If you slack off for one day or “cheat” the weeks a bust. Luckily yesterday could have been worse. Today though I’m flushin out all my toxins with lots of water (no coffee) and hopefully a good hour long workout this evening. I’m doing a lame 10-4 shift right now which throws off my working out. Next week I move to 3-9 so I can start doing my workouts in the AM. I’ll have to figure out the dinner/eating situation then too.

Alright, my mom an I are going to hopefully plant a bunch of succulents for the wedding, and maybe start a few other wedding craft projects! I’ve made like a million pom poms, and as soon as I go and measure my venue I can start assembling them!

Oh and this shirt is $400 (no that is not a typo or an exaggeration, although apparently it’s on sale) but it is sooo damn cute I wanna make one!

Happy Friday everyone! Doing anything fun (and healthy) this weekend??

An Evening of Invitaitons

I’m spending my Tuesday evening trying to figure out how to actually put together our wedding invitation. We are done designing it, but is rather large (8.5 x 11) so I’m trying to decide if I want to shrink it so it fits in an envelope, or keep it big and fold it? If I had no budget we would have it printed 11 x 17 and mailed in poster tubes, but that would cost us too much money. However my stupid printers/scanner/faxer is being super lame (like always), so we will se how much gets done.

This week I start on extend hours at work, then next week I move to a slightly later shift, then the week of the 6th I go full time in the evenings. I cant wait to start racking up the overtime. Buh bye Saturdays, I got money to make! I also applied for a promotion, we will see.

I walked 2.6 miles with Manda this evening, despite being tired. I’m also waiting until my dinner settles and then I’m going to give Tuesdays (see previous post) workout a go. Fingers crossed I can lose another pound this week! Doing so good!

I feel like not only is working out and eating less making me feel way better about my body, but I also just feel more productive and healthier. I’m kinda diggin it. I even feel like it’s helping me manage wedding stress, because so far I still just feel really excited and not that freaked out. Sure the money thing can be tight, but everyone is being so nice and helpful it’s really kind of awesome, I feel really lucky.

I feel bad for anyone who has to talk to me for the next few months though, because I pretty much have wedding on the brain all the time. Mr. Gaunt asked me yesterday what I was going to spend my time thinking about once the wedding is over…DUH…BABIES! Seriously though, I apologize now for how one track mind/boring I am.

In other super fun wedding news I have started collecting a bunch of hair styles and am going to go in and have my awesome hairstylist of a sister do some practice runs. We are even going to order some extensions…yay!

Wedding Table Linens

I have made a decision on my wedding Tablecloths!


I had previously mentioned my love/hate relationship with table clothes…and chair covers for that matter…gag.

I had looked a round a bit for not Satin/Shiny Table cloth rentals, and I found a local place the rents burlap tablecloths, but he cheapest round ones were $35 a piece! What!!! Why would they be so much more? Anyway obviously I am not going to pay $35 a piece for tablecloths when we will probably have 15 tables. However the company also rents Burlap Runners for $5! much better.

So I’m going to do white (or off white) table clothes with burlap runners! I havent decided if I’m going to rent the runners or make my own with burlap by the yard. I’ll do some budgeting.

To give you an idea of what it will look like here yah go:

Cute…yeah? And simple, and rustic. I love it. I wish so bad we were doing big long tables, but it’s not practical for a few reasons. One being that our venue gives us round tables for free, and two, I think it’s easier for people to mingle when sitting at round tables where everyone can see everyone. However decorating square tables is soooo much easier. Oh well.

Did I tell you we booked our DJ and Photographer! I know…pleasing. And we are about 1/4 of the way done designing our invitations…yay! I actually need to go get paper to finish the design tonight! things are moving along! Up next is Hotels, Groom Attire and Rental stuff.

Oh and my sister is coming over tonight to help me make pillow cases for our couch pillows…holla!

The Yuck, The Wedding, and The Move

I feel extra yucky today.

I read a magazine in the car today (for like 5 minutes) and now I have a headache and nausea….car reading is the DEVIL!

We went to the bridal fair today. It was fun, we had some samples and got some free stuff, along with a TON of crap we don’t want. The samples gave me a weird heartburn…ugg.

I also wore High heels, which are actually pretty comfortable, but I wore them grocery shopping afterward and now I have a blister on my pinky.

I feel extra fat these days. none of my pants really fit, so I’m wearing leggings way too often.

Sounds like our car sold today, officially a car-less person. This makes me nervous for the future.

In slightly better news, I made all of our SAVE THE DATES last night. I’m also 99% done collecting people address’ for the wedding, which is good. I need to call my grandma to get a few more. Hoping to send them out in the next month.

I also am in need of Grey A1 Envelopes to mail the Save The Dates, as I think a quality colored envelope is extra special. Mr. Gaunt even figured out how to print all the address’ directly on the envelopes, which will save us a lot of time and look nicer. My handwriting is only good for about 20 envelopes, not 70.

I applied for a job today, one that I’m not really qualified for, but would love to have. I mean as far as corporate jobs go. What I really want is to work for myself, not someone else, but it may be a few years. Gotta get Mr. Gaunt through school. I still have two seasonal back-ups.

It sounds like the house we wanted to rent is a done deal. This is a pretty big stress reliever. Its going to be fun fixing it up and growing a garden and all that good stuff. I’m very much looking forward to having my brother help me plant some stuff and pour a slab for a patio.

I booked my plane ticket home! March 14th at 10am I am officially BACK IN WASHINGTON! So pleasing, no going back now.

We found out Jenny and Justin are having a GIRL! I’m so excited for this! We are gonna have Liam pull her down the aisle in a little flower covered wagon….adorable I know. Makes me super sad that we wont be here for her birth.  Liam wants to name her Firetruck Sue…I know, its perfect.

Our neighbor always locks her Kitten out in the hall, so we took it in for the afternoon. It pretty much assures me that I DO NOT need a kitten. Hula is all the cat that I require. A dog on the other hand could be fun.

It sounds like my little sister wants to be my workout buddy when I move! I’m super stoked to get gym memberships with her and start getting in shape! I’m just so much looking forward to bonding with my family again.

Well that’s about it, sorry to ramble, but it helped make some of the Yuck go away. Asparagus for dinner tonight!

I leave you with some pics from this weekend:

Liam and Mr. Gaunt discussing his new baby sister

Liam reading the photo book we made him (more on this later)

Sneak Peak at our Save The Dates. DIY HOW-TO later

On our way to the Wedding Show

He only went because it was at Invesco


Wedding Obsession: GIANT BALLOONS

Im totally obsessed and I think I might need to order some of these oversized round balloons. So much BANG for your buck! Perfect for Just photo props, or full on decorations. I think they key is to keep it clean and simple. A little goes a long way with these big guys.

And just to clarify there is a HUGE difference between what you saw above, and what you see below.

Simply Wedding

We are simplifying the wedding too, amongst all of our decontamination (of our lives) we are cutting back on the Big Day too. This comes about for a few reasons. Some are personal, some are not. I don’t want to offend anyone else in this blog, so I will talk in “I” Statements.





Its suppose to be fun, planning a wedding, and it is. I love all of the artsy details and the little projects. I even love a good bargain hunt! But there were a few things that I just couldnt make, and although I wanted them dearly, I was unable to provide them for myself.

This is where changes have been made. I have given these ideas about 5 days, and I havent cried over them yet, so I think we ae on a good track.


First off I REALLY wanted a very certain look to my pictures. I was looking for that rustic vintage indie style photography. I find I’m not very traditional when it comes to wedding pictures. I found (and emailed) 4 different photographers (with this style) in the Bellingham area. All four of them quoted me $3000-$4000 minimums. I spent about a week convincing myself that I MUST have this, that someway I have to make that money. Well unfortunately I can’t turn water into gold. And I can’t make $3000 in the next 9 months.

I cried for a good few days over this one. I fought with family a bit. I felt devastated. I know some will think this is a silly thing to be sad over, but for me good wedding photos (besides marrying Mr. Gaunt) was about the most important thing to my wedding. And it wasnt gonna happen.

And so we stand up, we grow up, and we suck it up! Mr. Gaunt and I have decided that we will NOT be having professional photos taken at our wedding. Instead we are going to spend $600-$800 or so on a DSLR Camera. Something I have wanted for years! We are going to (trust) our friends and family to use this camera and help us capture our wedding. Yes its a bit risky (that we will get 500 photos of crap) but in the end there will be memories, and we will have a great camera. So that is that.

I know some might say “Just hire the cheap photographer” but I don’t want to pay someone to take generic pictures of my wedding. On this, I am going ALL or NOTHING. And because life aint always fair…Im picking nothing (except the sweet camera we will be getting)


Another tough cookie, for 3 reasons:

1. I dont care for my body, it does not fit well in a wedding dress

2. I dont have much money to spend

3. Family and friends seem to have conflicting ideas of what I should wear, making it impossible to ask advice.

In the end, Mr. Gaunt and I spent an hour online looking at dresses last night. Besides myself, Mr. Gaunt’s opinion is the only one I really care about. We finally picked a dress from J. Crew that seemed to be what I was looking for. They didn’t have my size online so they are doing a store search for me. As soon as it is found they will charge my card and ship it to me. Done deal.

We both could not be happier with this decision. Again I had serious fantasies about dress shopping, that I would find that DREAM dress, that my mother would cry, that my father would whip out his credit card for his “Baby Girl” ha! That’s not my life at all, and wedding dresses and wedding dress shopping is all set up to make you feel like that SHOULD be your life. I had to get away from it. I needed something simple and comfortable and really fit my budget, my life, and my relationship.

Oh and on a plus note: I made enough with my paintings in January to pay for this dress!

When the dress arrives I will probably need to lose about 15 pounds for it to fit like I want it to, and if I lose more I can just have it taken in.  My friend Dominique (who is a shoe whore) offered to buy me my wedding shoes as a wedding gift, so we will have to go shopping once the dress arrives and I know what size heel I need. I wont lie, I’m hoping this all works out and that this process is a done deal.


Ah, such a taboo topic, except that everyone registers. I guess money makes people uncomfortable to talk about, kind of like weight. Well in case you didn’t know…



There, see no awkwardness. If I spent my whole life refusing to talk about things that are uncomfortable I wouldn’t even have this blog, and 50,000 of you wouldn’t have read it. (did u notice my blog views hit 50k last night…exciting!)

Oh back to Registries. Mr. Gaunt and I have registered, at two places. I wont share them here, as that is tacky…lol. However after the revelation that we will be downsizing, we had to “downsize the registry” which was surprisingly easy. Yes there are a few things we still REALLY want: Nice Towels, Nice Silverware and Plates, a Kitchenaid in “Ice blue”….ahem. But we hacked away all of the cripy-crap we don’t need. Now of course most of the whats left are slightly over the $20 budget a lot of people feel comfortable with. What we realized what that the stuff we needed was the stuff we hadnt already purchased ourselves (mostly because we couldn’t afford it) Here is my opinion on that. First off, no one HAS to buy us stuff! We are just happy that so many of our friends and family are coming (especially from out-of-town). We really would not be offended by anyway who didn’t buy us stuff. Secondly we have no problem asking (or receiving) Giftcards.

Its actually kind of funny, at work one day we all had this big discussion about how we HATE giving giftcards but we LOVE receiving them. Isnt that funny. I guess people assume that gift cards only say “I don’t know you well enough to know what to get you” but I kinda feel like a gift Registry says the exact same thing…lol. Anyway we hacked away at the registry and feel good that we wont be acquiring a ton of things we thought we needed. You know what we really need is a Box Spring, which giftcards collectively could help with!


Mr. Gaunt and I have taken on the task of designing, printing and constructing all of our stationary ourselves. This will be a bit of a task, but after the $5000 quote I received from an Etsy seller to do it all for me, I know it was what we had to do. It will be fun! A challenge! We are excited.


So that my friends is where we stand.





the end.

Oh and my baby turns TWO this weekend!