Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself.

-Make six awesome (and non traditional) Boutonnieres.    CHECK!

-Make 80 (equally awesome and non traditional) wedding invitations.    CHECK!

-Place said invitations in stamped envelopes.    CHECK!

-Order 200 clear Address Labels.      CHECK!

-Order 80 Cat stickers (you heard me right).      CHECK!

-Score a sweet deal on Grey M&Ms and Yellow Chocolate Covered Sunflowers Seeds on clearance at Michaels.      CHECK!

-Order Straws, fans, cupcake wrappers all in corresponding Grey and yellow.     CHECK!

-Create “Day Of” Schedule with corresponding music for DJ.      CHECK!

-Get Saturday off from work so I can go Dress/Shoe shopping with my MOH on the 16th.      CHECK!

I attempted to make a short “TO DO STILL” list, but it quickly became a mile long. Lets stick to the positives for now. And by positives I mean that I ordered 80 stickers of my cat today…amazing, I know.

100 Napkins


So we went ahead and rented 100 Gray cloth napkins from a local wedding rental place Bellingham Event Rentals. I went with Gray over Yellow because I really am trying (although often failing) to just do the mustard colored yellow. All they (and anyone) has to offer is a bright yellow napkin. So Gray it is!

Anyways I want to do a fun napkin ring to spice it up a bit, but we will need 100 of them. I’m hoping to DIY some. Here are a few ideas I’m thinking of.

Adding Gray fabric rings to make them bows?

Alright which do you like best? I’m leaning towards the pom-poms (2nd to last photo) or the little paper fans (3rd to last photo) And better yet, who wants to help me make 100 of them? It will be fun I swear! Invitations are being printed and cut this weekend! This gives us about a month to put them all together and address them. My goal is to mail them the first week in August.



Waiting For Nothing To Do

As much as I loved moving, loved switching jobs, love planning a wedding, I do not love always having to do something.

I of course know that I have made all of these choices on my own, and I am glad I did, but I’m tired. Every day I wake up with a list of things to do….

I get up

I eat breakfast

I workout

I blog

I do the dishes, or some laundry

we water the garden

we think about lunch plans

we get coffee

I accomplish at least 1 wedding related task, usually envolving an errand

I go to work

I come home

I go to bed.


Even on my day (only 1) off I either spend time with my family and not get shit done, or vis versa.

I know that I am a list maker, a planner, a girl with a project. Right now I have way too many projects. I like to think I could pass some of these tasks on to someone else, but I’m also anal and controlling. I wouldn’t even know where to start in dolling out duties. Not that I don’t occasionally lie around the house and do nothing, I do that too. But while I’m doing that I’m usually at least thinking or worrying about what I should be doing. Or I’m blogging, or making lists, or looking up ideas online. It kind of non stop in my head.

I really miss cooking. I miss being domestic and just keeping my house nice. The thought of spending every evening making dinner and sitting on the patio (that we don’t even have time to use) with Mr. Gaunt and just chilling out sounds amazing. Instead its making boutonniers, and having stuff printed, and doing paintings, and trying to lose weight….the list goes on.

After the wedding hopefully we can take a REAL Honeymoon and just spend a week doing NOTHING but enjoying each others company and being blissful newlyweds! No moving, no planning, no job switching, just living day to day life….nice.

We should be here…



Missed Days

Yesterday was Weigh in Day.

I woke up feeling really good about it, like I had definitely lost weight. I had been so good at staying on track.

Our scale broke earlier this week, so we jogged to my moms.

my allergies went insane and my eyes, nose, ears, EVERYTHING was watering awful.

My moms scale said we had both gained 3 pounds.

Obviously broken, or our scale has been broken for months, either way I’m not buying it.

I had a breakdown, mostly because I’m tired and I miss life.

I slept until 11 today, which I knew I would. I really wanted to sleep as much as I could. I go back to work at 2. That gives me about 2 hours to do stuff. luckily I get off at 10pm instead of 1am so we can go out after I get off. Then tomorrow I’m waking up SUPER early and we are going to have an adventure or something.

Oh and we are getting married in 90 DAYS! I can’t believe we have been engaged for almost a whole year (July 10th). What a crazy crazy year. We gotta get more stuff done! The Paper Zone is having a sale this weekend so we need to get our paper for the invitations! I feel like there are many To Do Lists in my future!

Last but not least

GO GO GO NEW YORK!!!!! I think it’s about time I take Mr. Gaunt to see this awesome state!

The (Paleo) Eats

I thought I would share a few things we have been eating lately to give you an idea of what we are making while doing pseudo Paleo.

First up we have been using Coconut Oil instead of Olive Oil for cooking. Not for any particular reason, just that Paleo Diet encourages it. I actually bought this a long time ago when it was on sale and hadn’t opened it until this last week. No it doesn’t taste like Coconut, and yes it works about the same as Olive Oil. You can watch this video on Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil here. Supposedly its good for weight loss and metabolism.

Our Peony Bush bloomed too!

This is what we had yesterday for lunch, but once again I am reminded that I really think pork is pretty gross if it’s not HIGHLY seasoned or marinated. I had to not eat that meat, but I did eat all my Kale! The Kale is actually 3 different kinds from our garden that we picked yesterday and grilled up with onions.

This is a pretty typical dinner for work. On the left is Tuna made with non-fat mayo and dill relish. On the right is just raw veggies and a banana. I usually stagger them over my 10 hour shift.

This is today’s lunch. Its Chicken Sausage, kale, onions, and Peppers. sautéed on the stove. I add a little garlic and red pepper flakes. Its yummy and simple.

Today I feel worn out. I also feel like there is not enough time in the day to do household chores, wedding planning, working out, and socializing. Today we did manage to do a test run on our Boutonnieres, which turned out super cute! I’m excited to finish them this weekend, It’s important to finish little tasks a long the way because all those things add up.

Oh and we did do 3.5 miles this morning, so at least I’m managing to stay on top of that.


97 Days!


Not working out this morning, as its pouring rain. I’m hoping when I get off work tonight at 6 it will not be raining and I can work out then. Maybe by the time winter rolls around I will be able to afford a gym membership, otherwise it will be lots of rainy workouts.

Today I looked at my countdown and it is 97 days until the wedding! I’m bummed I didn’t realize it when it was 100 days. I actually have a number of projects in the works right now, crafty things for the wedding. I also have some things coming to me in the mail this week for decorations and such. I really need to make a to-do list because the next month is going to be so busy.

Work announced the we will now be working 10 hour shifts monday-friday, and a 6 or 8 hour shift on Saturday (depending on work flow) this is kind of insane. However it will mean 16-18 hours of overtime every week, so that (financially) will be amazing! I just hope I don’t die.

alright, I’m off to Fred Meyers to get a few things before work, like a new sorts bra! Exciting, I know!