Mashed Sweet Potatos Made my Week!

My husband made the most amazing mashed sweet potatoes. We added a little cream cheese and maple syrup. They were so good, and have only added to my pretty awesome week!

February has a been a pretty crazy busy month so far. I feel like I check my email 100 times a day. Tonight though, as I was driving home from meeting with a bride, I realized that my life has taken a pleasant turn in a positive direction.

There were a few hard months there. Financially, emotionally, it was getting to me. I told Mr. Gaunt a few weeks ago that I all needed was a few positive things to happen, to keep my spirits up. I really feel like I FEED off of positive reinforcement. I like when things work out, turn out well, when people are happy with me and what I’ve done. I kind of think everyone feels this way, but I know I really strive for this.

I’ve been working really hard on a few projects, and I think I’m finally seeing results. Although our new business is not going to bring in enough money for me to quit my job, it has allowed me to go down to a 32 hour work week. I now spend my Fridays at home working on weddings and future projects, its awesome. Yesterday we also hosted our first Speed Dating, and it went shockingly well! At first I thought it was going to be a total bust, but it turned out great. I might even do another one, or more.

I’ve also booked a number of weddings this month, and I’m feeling more and more comfortable meeting with people and selling our service. I’m on top of my emails and finances, I’m scheduled and prepared, and I feel like it shows. Our website is pulled together, and every day our marketing gets a little more refined. All in all it’s feeling really good, now I’m just excited to actually work these weddings!

This month I also started a book club with some friends on Facebook. This is a really good step for me to socialize with other girls my age, and read…duh.Our first book is “Villages” by John Updike, I’m pretty excited.

I also got two new pairs of jeans at Target and I love them! This alone makes for a good month.

My job is also slightly more interesting these days. It’s not great, but I at least have more freedom and sometimes get to use my brain. I’m also planning to join the Whatcom Young Professionals this next month in hopes to socialize and network with young professionals in Whatcom County.

So I feel good. I feel good about my job, my business, my pants, my plans, my husband, my family, my yard. Everything feels good, which is rare for me, but I’m rolling with it.

I leave you with photos from our Valentines day. Unfortunately I was super busy, but Mr. Gaunt and I did get to have a nice dinner together, he made our traditional heart-shaped pizza. I love him.

Two Weeks, Taxes, and Valentines

We got our Taxes…Woop Woop! Our savings is finally looking a bit more robust. After a month of car problems, work problems, and health problems, its nice to get some good news….in cash form.

Mr. Gaunt is off today at a Golf Expo with his friend Drew, so I am going off on a hunt for a valentine for him! I’m gonna hit up the shops of Pearl St, and then to get some cookie baking stuff. We are going over to Jenny and Justin’s (and Liam’s) tonight and I would like to bring Liam a Valentine and some cookies too. Plus Mr. Gaunt has been begging me to make him cookies for like 2 years now. And by cookies I mean something with real butter and Sugar, and not Vegan….lol.

Monday will mark 2 weeks until I leave. This is exciting and nerve-racking. I need to find us a storage unit this weekend and change my flight over. There is talk of me transferring my job temporarily so I can get my bonus, we will see on Monday.

Mr. Gaunt’s transfer has gotten a bit confusing, so hopefully that all works itself out today. I am soooo excited to get back home and start really planning my wedding (first time I will actually be seeing the inside of my wedding venue!) and get into our new house and start painting and garden planning. Our Save the Dates are going out this weekend too! Yay! Then I can show you how I made them.

I leave you with a picture of Hula on our Heating Pad. Her and I fight over it. I get up and she scurries over and lies on it. Sometimes she like to act extra cute to deter me from kicking her off. It’s a good thing we have two of them.

LOVE-ly Eats!

Valentines Day is coming. Single or not I LOVE VALENTINES day!

I love pink and lace and hearts and all of it!

Today I’m sharing some fun Valentines Day foods. They all give off that sugary sweet look, but without the sugar! Check out these fun un-traditional Valentine treats. (click on the photo to see recipe)


Cauliflower Soup


Rhubarb Cookies



Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto palmier



Iced lavender Lemon Tea Cookies



Beet Ravioli

Tonight we are off to the Stock Show! Yay! Baby cows and fried foods! Pictures to come.


Valentines Day

I just wanted to share some pics of  our wonderful (although slightly gluttonous) Valentines Day.

On Saturday Mr. Gaunt and I went to this amazing little french restaurant in Denver called Le Central for breakfast. This place makes pretty authentic French food at amazing prices. The picture above was my meal for $7! It wa soooo good, but VERY rich, I only managed to eat about half of it, and had the taste of butter in my mouth all day. Mr. Gaunt and I ate very little after breakfast. Here’s what it is:

Oeufs Sardous

Mr. Gaunt's Smoked Salmon Benedict, also $7.

We also had amazing french bread and toasted our Valentines Day weekend with $3 Mimosas! Le Central really is a great place if you haven’t been go for Brunch.

After brunch we went to a cool poster shop on Capital Hill where I found the most amazing Cher Dark Lady Poster, full size. This is amazing because you really can’t find old school Cher posters. I am now on the hunt for a cool frame, I think I want a thick white one, not sure yet. When I get it framed I will take a picture, and you too can be jealous of my find!

On Sunday we awoke to snow, which I am sooooo over. I actually got up early to set up Mr. Gaunt’s Valentine and found mine sitting out on the counter.

100 Calorie Oreo Cakesters were my treat!

This is what my card!

The Beer (coors light) Valentine I made for Mr. Gaunt

The sign that hangs above.

View from above

After that we went out for breakfast. And then we headed to the mall for a few hours of wandering around and window shopping. Then we headed up to Estes Park to have dinner at Poppy’s. This was our third V-day where we went and had Poppy’s $12 Valentine dinner (includes salads and heart-shaped pizza and drinks for two) . It’s a cute little place, not fancy, right on the creek. It was very cold up there so we didn’t do a ton of walking around. We got back home around 7:30 just in time to watch a little Everest: Beyond The Limit and head to bed. We are both working at 5 am this week, which means because I have a 40 minute drive to work I have to get up a 3:30…eek!