Waiting For Nothing To Do

As much as I loved moving, loved switching jobs, love planning a wedding, I do not love always having to do something.

I of course know that I have made all of these choices on my own, and I am glad I did, but I’m tired. Every day I wake up with a list of things to do….

I get up

I eat breakfast

I workout

I blog

I do the dishes, or some laundry

we water the garden

we think about lunch plans

we get coffee

I accomplish at least 1 wedding related task, usually envolving an errand

I go to work

I come home

I go to bed.


Even on my day (only 1) off I either spend time with my family and not get shit done, or vis versa.

I know that I am a list maker, a planner, a girl with a project. Right now I have way too many projects. I like to think I could pass some of these tasks on to someone else, but I’m also anal and controlling. I wouldn’t even know where to start in dolling out duties. Not that I don’t occasionally lie around the house and do nothing, I do that too. But while I’m doing that I’m usually at least thinking or worrying about what I should be doing. Or I’m blogging, or making lists, or looking up ideas online. It kind of non stop in my head.

I really miss cooking. I miss being domestic and just keeping my house nice. The thought of spending every evening making dinner and sitting on the patio (that we don’t even have time to use) with Mr. Gaunt and just chilling out sounds amazing. Instead its making boutonniers, and having stuff printed, and doing paintings, and trying to lose weight….the list goes on.

After the wedding hopefully we can take a REAL Honeymoon and just spend a week doing NOTHING but enjoying each others company and being blissful newlyweds! No moving, no planning, no job switching, just living day to day life….nice.

We should be here…



Concert in The Park

We went with Jenny and Liam to see her dad’s band Dakota Blonde play at a park in Littleton tonight. We stopped at Whole Foods and got yummy food for a picnic. The band was quite good, the company even better.

Mr. Gaunt and I leave tomorrow night for Washington. We will be back in a little over a week. I could not need this vacation more!



Im Spoiled

With the best friends in the world. Seriously! Besdies the fact that I love Washington and my family, the thing I miss the most is having such a close group of girl friends. Friends to have dinner with, talk relationships, get drunk. Oh how I miss these girls so!

Dann, Mal, Kells, and Me

My trip to Washington (last weekend) was mighty splendid. I’ll save you the pain of scrolling through (over 350) pictures and just post special ones over the next few posts. Lots of food and family good times. I had such a great time with my friends, I love them all so dearly. I just really cant explain how sweet they all are and how much they mean to me (but I will try):

Mal- I really love that the older we get the closer we get. I love that we are in such similar places in our lives, and that we came from such similar places. I love that you know everything about my past, and present. Growing up I felt like we always had little teenage rifts, but now as adults in healthy relationships, I love that I have someone to talk to about my life, who understands. I can’t wait until we get to help plan each others weddings, and be moms together! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Kells- Although I am secretly jealous that you look so damn skinny, I’m so proud of you! It’s nice having someone along for the (somewhat painful) ride. I know we are in much different places right now, and that maybe we don’t have the same plans for the future, but you will always be my tattoo twin (one of them) and my inspiration. I hope all things with school, love, job, and family come together for you this summer (an forever). I miss seeing you on a regular basis, I can’t wait for you and mal and me to live in the same city again!

Hil- I always forget how damn pleasing you are! How I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more! I love that you and Coral seem so cute and happy together (you both deserve it). I’m so impressed that you have gotten your shit together and have a REAL job…lol! I always knew you would! Many more dinner partie with you and Coral and Manda need to happen in the future! Love you!

Manda-Panda – I think this weekend was one of the best I have had with you! God you are so much fun! A perfect hostess and a prefect drinking partner! Thank you for letting us take over your kitchen (and thank Chris for letting the ladies take over his house). I’m so glad our friendship has withstood the test of time, too many more ladies night in the future!

Dann- Look a picture with you! I know you hate it, but it really means a lot to have a picture of us. Thank you for being so consistent, always being there, always caring. Thank you for still loving me even though I forget to call you back, and I have promised to move back to you more times than I can count. Thank you for always reminding me of the fun we had as teenagers. I miss you more than you could know!

EATure TWO: hawaiian papaya

Ok so on my mission to try new fruits and vegetables, I recently bought a Hawaiian Papaya at Sunflower Market. It looks like a mango kind of which I’m not a big fan of because they taste like perfume, but a few years ago in Mexico I remember having Papaya for breakfast at our hotel and loving it.


Well review on this one is…meh. I didn’t love it, its like a mango in that its soft and very sweet. You also have to peel it with a knife which takes forever and you lose a lot of fruit. After reading more about it, mine might have been at its peak ripe-niss and they suggest chilling it before eating which I didn’t do.


I ate a few bites of it and then threw it into the freezer in a Ziploc, I think it will be yummy in smoothies later, or even Popsicles. Tonight I PROMISE the eggplant will be made, in fact I think I might make it for lunch (I prefer to make stuff while the light is still good to take pictures.

In weight Loss news I overslept and missed my WW meeting yesterday. Which is kind of ok with me because I really didn’t lose a pound. This week I’m gonna bum up my fitness and work hard on tracking my points. I’m hoping I can lose three pounds this week. Mr. Gaunt and I are planning a little trip here this weekend with some possible camping so maybe we can get in a little hiking.