EATure ONE: spaghetti squash

My WW leader “Challenged” me to eat spaghetti Squash this week because I have never had it. Ive always want to try it but just haven’t,  I figured I would just make it like actual spaghetti with a little organic tomato sauce and some almond cheese that way I could disguise it and maybe Mr. Gaunt would eat it. Problem was I also bought an eggplant and I think I want to do eggplant Parmesan, so no need to do two dishes the same. Then I found this recipe and it looked so summer fresh and yummy that I decided to go for it!



In the end I would say its pretty darn yummy for eating an entire bowl of vegetables. I ate it on Saturday for lunch when Mr. Gaunt wasn’t home because I just don’t think he would be very into it. The squash was pretty easy to cook, I guess maybe it could have come out a little softer, because it did have a slight crunch to the “noodles” which actually I thought worked well for the cold salad.


Pro and I also made some yummy strawberry bannan smoothies for breakfast this weekend. It was basically two bananas a handful of strawberries, fat free vanilla yogurt and a little vanilla soy milk and ice. They were pretty delicious too! NEXT UP: EGGPLANT!