Wedding Tablecloths: THE TACKIEST SHIT EVER!

Oh god, the horror of tacky wedding tablecloths! This goes for their partner in crime, the equally tacky chair coverings. It’s a hot mess of satin and bows and tulle….oh my! The sad part is, it’s everywhere! And its apparently really hard to find something that isn’t horrific! Oh did you need to see some examples of the madness? Here yah go:

oh yes, it is THAT bad

oooh neat! Your table can match your dress!

When DIY meets DIE

Oh yes, it IS that bad, and most of these photos came from Wedding Linen rental places! WTF! Its awful, and it makes my eyes bleed. I get that some women think that this looks nice, if you google “wedding linens” its one picture after another of this look. So obviously I am the odd man out thinking this is awful. But alas its my wedding and I can hate some tacky stuff if I want to.I also get that some people might think this is kind of a petty thing to worry about. Obviously you have not met me, because I hate nothing more than things that are tacky.

Im also aware that some might find my own choice to be boring, bland, or even ugly. To each his own, I can respect that. So besides knowing exactly what I DONT want, I also have a pretty good idea of what I DO want. And it goes a little something like this:

The problem being when looking online for linen tablecloths, the prices are THROUGH THE ROOF. I’m talking $65-$200 per tablecloth! HA! So I’ve thought about just buying linen by the yard and making my own. Possibly dyeing it with tea or something. If that idea is a but than I have also loved the look of doing mix and match vintage and thrift store tablecloths like these:

Which brings up all the possibilities of using thrifted dishes too…hmmm….