A Skinny Dress and Couples Therapy!

So my lovely Pro has been more or less two sizes smaller than me throughout our weight loss journey. This has been a huge PLUS because that means she gives me her pants that she grows out of just in time for me to start shrinking into them.  Pro (that skinny bitch!) decided to skip a whole size recently so now there are no pants for me to work into…damn you Pro! When I started my weight loss journey I had a fair amount of SKINNY CLOTHES that I needed to shrink into (my New York Dress FITS! My Red Pea Coat FITS!) but now I can fit into all of them and most of them are too big. At this point I have nothing really to shrink into (Kelli if you are reading this, save any pants you have and give them to me in March when I come!) so I’m lacking in motivation.  I actually heard on the radio around Christmas time, that reasearch shows the best way for women to lose weight is to buy an outfit in a smaller size. You see I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes! It’s probably my biggest motivation in Weight loss, fitting into more clothes! I would be a crazy Lindsey Lohan Clothing Hoarder if I could!

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I went to Savers and I found the perfect SKINNY dress! It is actually…..hold your breath….a size ELEVEN! Yes that is right 11! I case you didn’t know, I do NOT wear an eleven! In fact a size 10 is my goal size, so eleven sounds pretty damn good. The dress currently kind of fits, but its tight, too tight to wear in public….panty lines anyone? I would love for this dress to fit comfortably this summer, its perfect for Mr. Gaunt and I’s July photo shoot! When I put it on the first thing Mr. Gaunt said was “Its kind of like a casual wedding dress” which it is, in a beachy sort of way. I really love it.

So that is my current goal, to make this dress fit!

In other news Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to go to couples therapy! Why you ask? Are we having problems? Well no not really, but there are definitely things we could stand to work on. The last year has definitely been our best year yet, but there are definitely the occasional communication struggles. Also Mr. Gaunt and I plan to get married in the near-ish future, and I want to make sure we are discussing the right things: Kids, Raising a family, jobs, roles…etc. So that when we are married we don’t suddenly realize we have completely different ideas on how things should go. Anyway we are actually going to a therapist that Mr. Gaunt and his mom have both gone to a lot in the past (although not in a few years) this pleases me because he will already know a lot about Mr. Gaunt’s family dynamic and his relationship with his mom. I’ve never been to therapy, but I sure do love to talk about myslef…ha! So we have a tentative appoint for next thursday. I will keep you updated on how this goes!

Oh and I leave you with some dresses that were cute but I didnt purchase.

A Vintage Fashion Show!

Well not really vintage, more just used…ha! Mr. Gaunt and I went to Savers (Value Village) today to get some stuff for the wedding Im planning. While we were there I fund some sweet stuff and took advantage of the perfect lighting in the dressing room to have my own little fashion shoot! 


Adorable Houndstooth dress SIZE 13!!!! Cant wait to wear it with tights and mary janes in the fall! And look at those adorable pockets!

Adorable Houndstooth dress SIZE 13!!!! Cant wait to wear it with tights and mary janes in the fall! And look at those adorable pockets!


Cute mens vest (size small)...so Justin Timberlake, I had to have it!

Cute mens vest (size small)...so Justin Timberlake, I had to have it!





Playing with Halloween Costumes

Playing with Halloween Costumes


Upcycle T-shirts into Cardigan

sweter orig

This past week Ive been a SHOPAHOLIC! I mean I really needed some new clothes because everything I owned was kind of falling off my ass. Anyways I got a ton of cute shirts and tanks, but realized I was really missing some light weight cardigans. Then I ran into this post by Angry Chicken that was just what I was looking for! LOVE HER! Anyways I did a bit more browsing online and there are a number of tutorials for turning T-shirts into Cardigans. So anyways I hit up Savers (Value Village) and looked around for some long sleeve shirts to try this with. I bough two over sized cotton long sleeve shirts that I thought would work well, and one fitted thin jersey long sleeve shirt (J crew) all under $4. I don’t know why but I thought that a baggy shirt would work better, but this was not true. The jersey T worked so much better, so I actually took some pictures of myself (ugg) wearing it. But I do really like it. It will be accompanying me to Washington (IN ONE WEEK!!!!!!! YAY!)

sweter 1

sweter meTo make this I basically cut about 2 inches off the sleeves (it was already 3/4 length but I wanted it more at my elbows) then I cut it straight up the middle and left the collar because I like it. I debated trimming the bottom to make it cropped by decided against it. Jersey is a great material because it just rolls and doesn’t fray. And the best part was …NO SEWING! woo hoo!