Up Cycle Tank Top: Adding Braided Straps

Since I’m on permanent vacation right now I decided I should really be productive. After my successful cardigan I decided to try another crafting project Ive seen around. This one involves embellishing a Wife Beater Tank Top with braided straps. I used fabric from the cardigan project to make the braids, and the tank is just something Ive had forever. This one requires a bit of sewing, but not much. I kind of suck at tutorials so Ill do the best I can, but remember if you go to try this its sort of a “wing-it” project so just pay attention when your sewing.


step one

STEP ONE: Find and old tank top that has medium thin straps (you could use Ribbon on a spaghetti strap tank) I like these basic Hanes tanks because (they are cheap) and the taper in nicely. Then you want to cut off the straps right about where the edging comes to a point (or about where the actual strap starts)

STEP TWO: Cut three strips of fabric about 3/4 of and inch to a full inch depending on how thick you want your braid (also note how thick your fabric is, try braiding it before you sew just to see)

Step Two sew

step 4

STEP THREE: I kind of pinched my tank a bit and gave it a quick sew because my braid was a little thinner than where I cut the strap off. Next (and this can be a bit tricky) you want to line up your braid fabric evenly with your tank strap and sew across. If either piece is bigger than the other it will stick out and not look like a smooth transition. Make sure you put cut end to cut end and sew across (like you do with a purse) so when you turn it right-side -to you dont see the seams.


STEP FIVE: Do the same as step 3 to the back. Pay close attention that you dont twist your strap around weird.

STEP SIX: Repeat on the other side…TaDa!

Now wear it with your new Up Cycled Cardigan too!

finished tank bare

finsihed with swet