The (Paleo) Eats

I thought I would share a few things we have been eating lately to give you an idea of what we are making while doing pseudo Paleo.

First up we have been using Coconut Oil instead of Olive Oil for cooking. Not for any particular reason, just that Paleo Diet encourages it. I actually bought this a long time ago when it was on sale and hadn’t opened it until this last week. No it doesn’t taste like Coconut, and yes it works about the same as Olive Oil. You can watch this video on Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil here. Supposedly its good for weight loss and metabolism.

Our Peony Bush bloomed too!

This is what we had yesterday for lunch, but once again I am reminded that I really think pork is pretty gross if it’s not HIGHLY seasoned or marinated. I had to not eat that meat, but I did eat all my Kale! The Kale is actually 3 different kinds from our garden that we picked yesterday and grilled up with onions.

This is a pretty typical dinner for work. On the left is Tuna made with non-fat mayo and dill relish. On the right is just raw veggies and a banana. I usually stagger them over my 10 hour shift.

This is today’s lunch. Its Chicken Sausage, kale, onions, and Peppers. sautéed on the stove. I add a little garlic and red pepper flakes. Its yummy and simple.

Today I feel worn out. I also feel like there is not enough time in the day to do household chores, wedding planning, working out, and socializing. Today we did manage to do a test run on our Boutonnieres, which turned out super cute! I’m excited to finish them this weekend, It’s important to finish little tasks a long the way because all those things add up.

Oh and we did do 3.5 miles this morning, so at least I’m managing to stay on top of that.


Ill take the FEAST!

It’s Feast or Famine around here! (Is the feast Fried chicken and Oreo Cakesters?….no…oh…umm)

Yesterday my boss announced that starting this week we will begin working Saturdays. This is awesome and sucks. Sucks because I like having a 2 day weekends, but awesome because we NEED money. Saturdays will be overtime, obviously. So I went from working part-time, to working 6 days a week, that’s how it goes.

Today I also have to babysit for Leo. While I have kind of missed him over the last 2 weeks, babysitting him wasnt #1 on my list. However it will be fine, I’ll add it to my new Bra fund (Hey Taylor, if you reading this, let’s have a Bra Shopping Date on Sunday). So I go today from 11-1 to watch him, then I have to go into work early for a meeting at 2:30.

Our paintings have also gone from no paintings in the last month, to selling 4 in one week…insanity! So I’m behind on emails, and I’m just not sure when that will go down. I’m running on very little sleep as one of my Best Friends had a major Relationship trauma last night at midnight and we had to girlfriend chat until almost 2.

However I managed to drag my ass out of bed this morning and go workout, only it was a short workout. I only did 2.1 miles, as I needed to get back to blog (its my therapy, don’t judge) and shower before babysitting. I worked hard though, ran as much as I could, and walked fast when I couldn’t run.

I need some sunshine though! I’m not one to complain about some gray weather, but this girl needs a tan and some vitamin D! Hopefully Sunday will be nice and I will spend all day outside soaking up the rays!

I have weigh in tomorrow! And its pay-day! Therefore after I weigh myself, Mr. Gaunt and I will be going out to lunch! Any suggestions? This might be counterproductive, but that’s how I roll.

SIDE NOTE: Any Bloggers in Washington want to got to PNW BLOGGER MEETUP in September? I wanna make FOR THE LOVE OF SKINNY Shirts!