Weekend Round Up

The weekend is over…sad…but I had a good time! I spent Friday with Pro in Fort Collins and then yesterday I went to a little birthday gathering for Jill and got to see my lovely Kells Bells. Today I went to the Farmers market with Mr. Gaunt (and got a TON of peppers that one farmer gave to us for free) as well as a lot of other produce and pumpkins and gourds! Yay fall! Then I spent the afternoon grocery shopping with Kelli and got some sweet grandma sweaters as Savers, as well as a pit stop at Merle’s for drinks and appetizers!

Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer

Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Yam Chips and Guac

Yam Chips and Guac

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I made fresh green beans (sauted in olive oil and garlic) as well as Whole Wheat Panko Tilapia and salad (with peppers of course!):





A Little Weight Lost

First before we get into weight loss I want to share a meal, because well I love to take pictures of food and Mr. Gaunt was the chef tonight which always makes me happy.

I bought Whole Wheat Panko Breadcrumbs a few weeks ago at Whole Foods, and have wanted to use them but hadnt gotten around to it. It can be hard to find a Panko crusted recipe that doesnt intailĀ a vat of oil to deep fry (hommie doesnt deep fry). So tonight after work Mr. Gaunt pulled this out of the oven:



He said he used Tilapia lightly sprayed with I Cant Believe Its Not Butter, then coated with Panko (including piling a little on top when its in the pan) and baked it in the oven. Then he sauted fresh spinach, onions, cherry tomatoes and a little light feta as a fish bed. Oh it was sooo yummy. totally fixed my evening veggie craving and any Fish and Chips needs too!

Ok moving on to weight loss, I finally dragged my ass to a Weight Watchers meeting down here in Littleton. It was interesting going to a new meeting, especially without Pro. Anyways things went well, I lost 2.4 lbs, which sounds good unless you realize thats for 2 weeks…ugg. Oh well, after yesterday’s birthday splurge, Im back on track and creeping closer to 50 lbs lost every day!

Dinner and a Movie- Weight Watchers Style!

Mr. Gaunt and a friend went to see District 9 tonight so I’m at home for a single gals night and whats better than dinner and a movie!


On tonights menu we have Seasoned Tilapia with lemmon, Quinoa and sauteed Yellow Squash and Zuzhini. The whole meal took almost exactly ten minutes, now thats my kind of meal, as well as minimal cleanup. In weight watchers speak the meal is:

Tilapia – 2 points

Quiona – 2 Points (for 1/2 cup)

Yellow Squash – 0 Points (yup you read that right for 1 cup)

Zucchini – 0 Points (for 1 cup)

Olive Oil – 4 Points for 4tsp)

TOTAL: 8 points! The perfect meal!

And as for the movie, Im on the last few discs of True Blood season one, and its so so trashy good. Its like twilight plus sex, violence and drugs…whats not to love! Check it out if you do Netflix or have HBO.