Wedding Walking

Yesterday we did a wedding (I own a wedding clean up business), and I hadn’t worn my pedometer all day long, so I put it on right before we left to the venue. From 8pm-11:45, so less than 4 hours, I walked 11,455 steps. Today I also weighed 1 pound less. MANUAL LABOR IS AWESOME FOR WEIGHT LOSS!

I have only ever hit 10,000 steps 1 other day since I bought my pedometer, and that was over a 8 hour span. No wonder my feet always ache after a wedding! Not to mention its such a small area, maybe 200 square feet that I’m walking around in. It was kind of cool to see.

Speaking of my wedding business, lately I’ve been having these day dreams about turning my tiny company into a huge corporation. An umbrella company of all things weddings (think Martha Stewart in Homemaking). I just feel it in my bones, that this business NEEDS to be bigger and better, that I NEED to bigger and better. I want to have a fleet of small wedding business all under my name, and to run them all. I want to be a one stop shop for brides and grooms.  Needless to say, this dream is obviously in the very early stages of coming to fruition. It will take years to grow and become something bigger, but my sister use to really be into The Secret, and they talk a lot about putting your dreams out into the world, that it helps them become a reality. So here it is world! My wedding business Industry dreams! Maybe I’ll make a dream board?

Today I’m going to finish painting my moms kitchen cabinets, and maybe if we finish early Mr. Gaunt and I might go out Bellewood Acres and get apples to make applesauce! When you don’t work on Mondays, Sundays really aren’t so bad. GO BRONCOS!

(this post brought to you by this amazing song…its MY song)

My Secret List

I’ve been such a slacker with this blog lately.

I’d say its a mix of feeling super slugish, and being busy with other things.

I stepped on the scale this week….eek. Might be the wake up call I need.

The dark evenings are SUCH A BUMMER. I kind of hate that about fall/winter.

Thankfully the weather has been a very mild temperature, and that is awesome, I like mild.

I wish I had more energy. I know that eating good and working out are what give me more energy, but I’m so tired and my back hurts and WAHHH WAAAHH WAAH. (:

I also feel like I only eat carbs, lol. Halloween was such a gut bomb.

The harder (ie: BORING) my job gets, the harder I want to work on our new business. I’m just taking huge leaps, spending money, signing up for things, ordering this, making that. I feel like if I push hard enough its engine will get going!

I watched The Secret the other night.

These are my goals (in writing for the universe to see)



3. RUN A 5k


Alright, I’m off to work. Happy Happy thoughts. Hope everyone has a spectacular day!