The Morning Person in me

If I didn’t work till (was 1 am)now 11 pm, I would wake up at 6 am every day. I kid you not. I like mornings. I love having extra time to do things, feeling productive and such. I’m also not a huge sleep fan. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate sleep and I sleep well, but I like to run on the minimum amount of sleep needed. I am not someone who prioritizes sleep over…well…being awake.

This morning at 7am the weirdest smell woke me up. It was such an odd smell that I flung myself out f bed in search of it. To be honest I almost think the smell was something my brother cooked at 5:30 am before he went to work, not sure. After that I was awake! So I went and ran 2 miles (walked 1.5) and spent some time stretching in the front yard. Then I watered all of my gardens and made scrambled eggs and Kale. Oh and I cut another sweet pea bouquet (they grow like mad!). And here I sit.

Today we have to go to Costco with my mom, then to our wedding venue to make a payment and measure a few things for decoration purposes. I’m excited to see it again and get re inspired!

I  also wanted to show you some pictures from our recent day trip to Eddison Washington. Downtown Eddison is the tiniest cutest downtown you ever did see! It’s a must if you’re looking for something to do with some girlfriends or your parents, or out-of-town guests. Its only about 20 minutes from Bellingham out Chuckanut drive. I’m trying to convince Mr. Gaunt to move there and get some ducks and just little the quaint slow life.

Bread Farm

Lanjager? Chilli Nibb Chocolate Bar?

The Lucky Dumpster