Halloween is for SISTERS!

My sister Taylor and I had a little Nail painting party last night while watching Halloween Town, AND Halloween Town 2! Mr. Gaunt ordered them for us on Amazon. To say Taylor and I are Lovers of Disney Channel Movies (note, much different from actual Disney Movies) is an understatement. Were obsessed.

Taylor bought OPI’s “Spookettes” Halloween collection and we painted some pretty awesome Spooky Nails! (The Green Glows in the Dark). Such a good time.


Mr. Gaunt Gets a Haircut

My sister Taylor is currently attending TONI&GUY Hair Academy. Shes kind of awesome at it. If your in Bellingham you should call up and get a good inexpensive hair (cut,color,etc) from her! We just make her come over to our living room and bride her with Oatmeal cookies.

I love nothing more than a man with a new haircut! Mr. Gaunt will never go bald…swoon.


My Sister

The youngest and the wildest.

I haven’t talked much about her, but I have a very swell little sister! ┬áHer name is Taylor and she is TWENTY (I like to think she’s 12) years old! She lives in Portland Or and works at the Starbucks. Anyways, I dont get to see her nearly enough, sucks not being in the same city and being too busy and too poor to travel whenever I want. I do plan on seeing her this summer for a family vacation which will be soooo nice. She also has the most adorable puppy name Tank:

See Tank love some Starbucks too!

Anyways a week or so ago I posted a crazy random post about Etsy Tips because Tay just started her own Etsy site! Yay! Incase you dont know what Etsy is, it’s a place to buy and sell handmade crafts, very very cool! My Etsy site is here, but today I want to promote Taylor’s shop Paper Poppies TA! She makes very cute little wallets and change purses, you should check it out!

Congrats Taylor, very excited for you and I wish I was spending Christmas with you! See you hopefully sooner rather than later! XOXO – morgan