Two Weeks, Taxes, and Valentines

We got our Taxes…Woop Woop! Our savings is finally looking a bit more robust. After a month of car problems, work problems, and health problems, its nice to get some good news….in cash form.

Mr. Gaunt is off today at a Golf Expo with his friend Drew, so I am going off on a hunt for a valentine for him! I’m gonna hit up the shops of Pearl St, and then to get some cookie baking stuff. We are going over to Jenny and Justin’s (and Liam’s) tonight and I would like to bring Liam a Valentine and some cookies too. Plus Mr. Gaunt has been begging me to make him cookies for like 2 years now. And by cookies I mean something with real butter and Sugar, and not Vegan….lol.

Monday will mark 2 weeks until I leave. This is exciting and nerve-racking. I need to find us a storage unit this weekend and change my flight over. There is talk of me transferring my job temporarily so I can get my bonus, we will see on Monday.

Mr. Gaunt’s transfer has gotten a bit confusing, so hopefully that all works itself out today. I am soooo excited to get back home and start really planning my wedding (first time I will actually be seeing the inside of my wedding venue!) and get into our new house and start painting and garden planning. Our Save the Dates are going out this weekend too! Yay! Then I can show you how I made them.

I leave you with a picture of Hula on our Heating Pad. Her and I fight over it. I get up and she scurries over and lies on it. Sometimes she like to act extra cute to deter me from kicking her off. It’s a good thing we have two of them.