Why I Buy Used Sweaters

I was at Target this afternoon, and I saw this sweater:


Cute right? Basic knit, scoop neck, oversized, my kinda sweater. I ALMOST bought it, as they were 30% 29.99, but I didn’t. I looked through all the colors, I held them up against myself, I made Mr. Gaunt vote on which one he liked, and just when I was about to put it in my basket, I put it back. You know why, because the minute I get that $20 sweater home, one of three things will happen:

1. It will get wrecked

Be it stained with wine or snagged by a cat nail, undoubtedly if I spend $20 on a sweater, it’s not lasting me more than 3 months.

2. It will shrink

I’m sorry Target, I love yah to death, but your clothes are cheap and they will shrink, or warp or stretch out to the point that they no longer look like they did when I shelled out that $20.

3. I wont actually like it.

Maybe Ill see an unflattering photo of myself in it. Maybe Ill remember grey/beige/pink is NOT my color. Maybe Ill remember I already own 3 red sweaters, whatever it may be, if I spend that much on one item of clothing, the likelihood that I will get my moneys worth is slim to none. It’s just the way the world works. When I was 16 I bought a $65 Duster Sweater (remember those long sweaters with the belts?) at the Gap for back to school. I wore it less than 3 times, seriously. I hated it.

So here is my point. I should NOT spend full price (or even sale price) on clothing. Now if I spend $3.97 on a CLEARANCE Target sweater, it will undoubtedly become my most favorite item of clothing, like this sweatshirt, but full price, nope. Which brings me to this post, on buying used sweaters:

used sweater

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I went to Value Village, and strolled around. I’m really into oversize sweaters right now, blame the 2 seasons of Felicity I watched this fall, so I grabbed an armful and headed to the dressing room. Here are my top three reasons why you should buy used sweaters:

1. They are already worn in

Some people might think that means they are worn out, not true. I mean yes they aren’t as shiny and new as they once were, but they aren’t going to look worse! They have already aged, faded, and shrunk. The first time you throw them in the wash they aren’t going to come out 2 inches shorter. They are almost guaranteed to stay in the same condition that you bought them in. Love it. Minimal risk.

2. They are cheap!

Most sweaters of a mediocre brand (Old Navy, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Lands End) will run you less than $6. Sweaters of a slightly nicer brand (J. Crew, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors) Might run you $8-$11. And then you get the 1/2 off colors which are AWESOME! So even if the sweater you buy might end up being something you hate, or get stained, at least you only spent a few bucks on it!

*I personally never ever spend more than $7 on any top.

3. You can find your REAL style

If you go into the Women’s section of Target, they are telling you what to wear. They are pointing you towards all the latest trends, and forcing you to wear what everyone else is wearing. When you walk into a thrift store, there are trends from the last 50 years in there! You force yourself to hunt through the items and really evaluate what your style is. What colors you like? what brands you like? You pick clothing out more based on if it looks like the right size, and less on the zie tag. You discover what you really want to wear, not what Target is telling you to wear.

So in the end I purchased three sweaters (the tan one and the two black ones) and an ADORABLE home-made (yup, raw seams and no tags inside, wearing it to Christmas!) dress all for $12. And if in 6 months I hate them all, who cares, it was $12! Although I love a black sweater, so I doubt I will hate them.

sweater 1  sweater 3 sweater 4


Fall Fashion For Me!

Fall is soooo here. I made pumpkin muffins last night, and have been drink non fat pumpkin spic lattes all week. I love it! With fall comes my absolute favorite style! Layers! I’m all about leggings, a flared skirt, a 3/4 length shirt with a big scarf and a cardigan. Bring it on! Here are a few of my favorite (could never afford them) fall clothing items. I’ve already picked up 3 sweaters at a thrift store 2 weeks ago, but I plan to be bulking up my fall wardrobe very soon, and I promise to take pics. Now I need to order lots and lots of tights!

Shrug $30

Linen Tee $50

Fox Scarf $17

Leggings $17.25

Pullover 39.95

Ankle Pant $69

Dress $66.99

Infinity Scarf $30

Knit Blazer $62

Market Dress $95

Its Finally Getting Chilly!

So of course I went to Savers (Value Village) and got some sweet sweaters! I love fall! This Fall we happen to be super busy and we just never made it to the Pumpkin Farm…sad day. We also have yet to decided on costumes. Oh well, can’t be perfect every year, or most years…lol! We only have 10 days until our craft fair. Business cards have been ordered, doors have been painted, order forms are being written, paintings are getting wrapped in tissue for travel! Exciting stuff!


Mr. Gaunt and his mom at a wedding. New (to him) $5 sweater!