St. Patty’s Day Pizza

Ok this is  a few days old, obviously St. Patrick’s Day was last Wednesday. originally I was planning on looking up something Irish to make for dinner, but that would have entailed going to the grocery store and buying more food, and that is NOT in the budget. So I decided if I couldn’t be IRISH it could at least be GREEN!

I whipped up this MEAN LEAN GREEN Pizza last-minute and it was SUPERB! The whole time we were eating it Mr. Gaunt and I kept saying things like “God I love Kale” and “How did we go so long without eating all these veggies” and “This might the best Pizza yet!” It was quite lovely.

Ok so this Pizza is a Whole Wheat crust from Whole Foods (comes in a two pack and it is by far the cheapest and best crust) with olive oil and garlic brushed over it. Then comes a layer of VERY thinly slice turkey sausage. After that is Onions, Kale, Broccoli and Mushrooms. I sprinkled a little more olive oil on top, topped with Mozzarella Cheese and a few dollops of Cream Cheese.  Bake per crust instructions.

The Kale gets all crispy and yummy (which only makes me more excited to make Kale Chips) and the light olive oil sauce is really just perfect. I would absolutely make this again, and it was MAJOR GREEN! Yay no pinches for the food!

Today we are going to brunch for Ms. G’s Birthday at Fresh Fish Co. We were suppose to go Friday night but it snowed a ton. Today however it is a lovely 50-60 degrees and I will be wearing this adorable wool pleated bubble skirt (with pockets)I got at the Gap a few weeks ago for $8.99!

I also got these cute Sailor style Button up the sides dress pants ($6.99) and a Bubble Shift Dress ($3.99). Sorry for the nasty face and hair, this was when I was super sick.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Mr. Gaunt, Dominique and I all went to the big St. Patty’s Day parade in Denver yesterday. The weather was freaking GORGEOUS, I was pretending it was summer. We had lots of fun drink (Bloody Marry’s, Irish Coffee, Screw Drivers, White Russian Slurpees) and I took pictures of all the cute dogs there….lol! In the end we decided that the SPD Parade should really not be a place for 1. Dogs 2.Babies/Strollers 3. Pregnant Women. It was crazy crowded, but overall a splendid time. Downtown Denver has a pretty sweet Bar Lineup so its fun to spend some time down there.

Green Eyeliner and Shamrocks were painted on in the car.

An Irish Pub

Dominique and I. First Cocktails before noon.

Cute Pups Galore!

Green Abe

Roof Top Bars are sweet

Roller Girls

Alcoholic Slurpees!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!