Salmon, not the fish.

Well my one day off FLEW by, obviously. Not much was done, nothing around the house. I did however go on Saturday before work and got a new Sports Bra and a new dress. Oddly they are the same color. Then on Saturday night Mr. Gaunt and I had Date Night! We got dressed up and went to eat at Pepper Sisters (my landlord is the owner) it was amazing! Then we got super drunk on wine, went dancing with my sister and walked home.

(My camera was dead all weekend so all the photos are from Mr. Gaunt’s cell phone, so they aren’t great)

This is what I wore Saturday morning. Its sort of exciting, as these jeans havent fit in like 6 months, and I really like them. They are smidge long (really cute with heels) but they have a smaller waist and now they fit! Motivation.

I tried on a few sports bras, and this one fit the best. I like a little bit thicker bra that really straps everything back, no boob-moveage over here. And it was a fun color! The bra is Nike’s Swift Running Bra, similar to this one. It was slightly fancier than my last one, but I think I deserve it…(: I’m excited to try it out tomorrow morning.

This is the dress I bought. Mr. Gaunt says Salmon is my color. This dress is just stretch cotton, it will be great for summer (if summer gets here). I personally don’t like my legs at all, so I think it might be a little short. I will probably wear leggings unless it gets super hot. Mr. Gaunt and my sister disagree on the length issue, maybe I’ll take it for a bare leg test run.

This next week will be pretty exhausting. I just have to focus on working out and eating healthy. No matter how crazy things get or how tired I am I have to stay focused. Being worn out is a crappy excuse to let your body go, and its so easy to do that. Not this time though, I have my priorities and this blog to keep me held accountable.