It All Ends In Fairhaven

Mr. Gaunt and I walked down to Fairhaven today to watch the end of the Ski to Sea Race “It All Ends in Fairhaven”. They have a vintage car show at Boulevard Park and then a festival in downtown Fairhaven, then the end of the race is at Marine Park. For those that dont know…

” widely known as the Ski to Sea, is a seven-legged, 100-mile (160 km) long, multi-event competition held on Memorial Day in Whatcom County. The race starts on the ski slopes of Mount Baker, a 10,800-foot (3,300 m) volcano, and ends at Marine Park in Fairhaven, on the shore of Bellingham Bay. The seven legs of the race are: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, running, bicycling, canoeing, mountain biking, and finally kayaking.”

So it was fun to watch the first Kayaker come in (around 6 hours after the race started). We also shared a “Heart Healthy Southwestern Wrap” (they used 95% fat free tortillas too!) and bought a sweet $5 Brenthaven laptop case at their sidewalk sale. Other than that we are sore from all the walking (and last nights strength training workouts) and mildly sunburned. I also feel super bloated. Despite having eaten very little today I can tell my weight is up, and my hands feel very swollen. I’m trying to just drink lots of water and hopefully de-puff a bit.

Oh and our entire workout was 7.5 miles roundtrip, although we did stop half way through for about an hour.


Shriners are Amazing

In case you are not from Bellingham, Ski to Sea Weekend is kind of a big deal. Mr. Gaunt and I went with my mom to watch my sister march with her Hair School Toni & Guy in the Grande Parade this morning. I’m a big fan of parades as I LUUUUVVV Marching Bands, Cheerleaders, Pageant Queens, and Shriners!

Anyway we also went to the mall (GAG I HATE the mall sooo much. Especially our mall as its especially gross and awful) to get cat liter and buy J’s shirt for the wedding (all we need now are pants!). Then my back started hurting a bunch, so we came home and planted (post later on this) some wedding plants! And I made a bunch of Pom Poms…duh.

Food wise I feel blah and slightly annoyed. I had a small salmon sandwich today and half a small salad. I also had some Mustard Pretzels and a coffee. I feel so annoyed that the weight isn’t just FALLING of me…lol. Whatever. I’m refusing to step on the scale until Monday. Must get through this month and HOPEFULLY hit my 15 pounds lost (1.5 pounds left) by the first. Then of course I have another 15 pounds to break this damn year-long plateau!

Ok rant over. Moral of this post is that

1. Parades are Awesome

2. Weight Loss not so awesome

3. Malls completely awful.