New Pants, New Shirts

Umm It’s still snowing. Yup we are going on two days of non stop snow. I skipped work today because my car was plowed in. Anyways Mr. Gaunt and I left the house for a short while (dont worry the roads are pretty clear) to get some last-minute Halloween costume pieces and to hit up Goodwill to see if we can find some long sleeve shirts (all of mine are too big) and maybe some snow boots. Anyways the boots were a bust but I got some shirts! Oh and today I wore a size smaller in pants! These are pants Kelli gave me, and they fit now, yay yay yay! I never even wore this size in highschool! Im actually looking forward to weigh in on Saturday.


Hula and I all warm in the house



New sweater $2.99



Side view...hmm does my butt look rounder?


Green Shirt $3.99


Mr. Gaunt Sweeping off my trunk


Me trying to unbury my drivers door!

Meal Replacement Bars?

larabarsThere are about a million meal replacement / energy bars out there on the market right now, and today while I was at Sunflower Market I found myself comparing nutritional information for a lot of them. I have an upset stomach today (ugg cause I work at 5) and Im so not hungry! It was noon before I realized I had put anything in my stomach besides iced tea, and the big rule in weight loss is that YOU HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE! So yeah skipping breakfast is a big no no, so I figured I might try one of these bars to fill my calorie and nutritional void. I had heard some bloggers out there talking about Lara Bars and when I was in Washington I saw Kelli eating a Soy Joy bar, the one I ended up picking up was the Kashi Go Lean Chewy Bars. I usually avoid these because I rarely find them filling, and they have a fair amount of calories and fat to eat them as a little snack.


Luna Bars: WW POINTS – 3

Picture 2


Picture 3

Fiber 1 Bars: WW POINTS -2

Picture 4

Kashi Go Lean Bars: WW POINTS-6

Picture 6

Soy Joy Bars: WW POINTS – 2

Picture 7

As you can see I picked the highest points! Ha! Which is ok because I needed to get some calories in, and its now almost 2 and I still haven’t eaten anything else. But its good to know where I should lean when I want one of these. Of course not all of them are vegan or chemical free so read your ingredients too people! Ok I’m off to take a shower before Mr. Gaunt and I hit run some errands before I work. Oh and one more exciting thing is that I now where a comfortable size LARGE, no more XL or XXL! YAY FOR ME!

Next Stop: Skinnyville!

So at 35lbs lost I am now in Pant Size Pergatory, I think 40lbs will put me solidly into the next smaller size, and tonight I need to go to the Gap Outlet to use my 20% off coupon to buy some dress pants because mine are too big and look baggy and trashy. Tomorrow I have an interview at Costco, gotta get back into the working world!

Seems like everyone I know right now is on the weight loss train headed to Skinnyville! Its cool to hear what other people are doing to lose weight too. Ok off to shop! Oh and I have two new cheeses (almond and rice) to review for yah later so stay tuned!