Sweat Out the Toxins

I was having lots of icky feelings about a number of things going on in the world today. Since this is not (nor ever will be) a political blog, I will refrain from details. However sometimes it is hard to accept different opinions on things. In my head I of course think I am right, and anyone who I would associate with should feel the same way. Obviously this is not true. Coming from someone who tends to lean pretty severely in one direction on the political scale, I really do feel as I have gotten older that I am more accepting, and more rational when it comes to dealing with contrasting opinions. This week on Facebook, although I kept pretty tight-lipped about things, I felt nothing but frustration for the “friends” who were disagreeing with me. I even found myself arguing with Mr. Gaunt just to get my frustrations out. Not healthy.

So I went and worked out.

I walked down to the baseball diamond and did my 10 laps. I wont lie to you and say I ran them, because I am not physically in shape enough to do much running at all. for the first 4 laps I ran half of the lap and walked half. For the last 5 laps I walk…fast. In total Mr. Gaunt and I calculated that it is just over 3 miles.  I came home feeling hot and sweaty, but a little less bogged down by the world. I blame endorphins. (=

Seriously, thats what the inside of my onion looked like.

I’m feeling really good about the choices I am making. I am down almost 5 pounds since 2 weeks ago, which means only 5 more pounds by the end of May to reach my first goal. Pretty sure I can do that. I have 2 pairs of Capris and 2 pairs of knee-length shorts that I am dying to fit back into by June! The knee-length shorts look kinda like these which are surprisingly flattering, but they really only fit for the first month I owned them, at my lowest weight a year ago. I’m hoping they will be my go to shorts all summer long.

Gelato vs Ice Cream

(Taken from Wikipedia) Gelato differs from ice cream in that it has a lower butterfat content, typically gelato contains 4-8% versus 14% for ice cream. Gelato generally has slightly lower sugar content, averaging between 16-22% versus approximately 21% for ice cream. Non-fat milk is added as a solid. The sugar content in gelato is precisely balanced with the water content to act as an anti-freeze, that is, to prevent the gelato from freezing solid.

Unlike commercial ice cream in the United States which is frozen with a continuous assembly line freezer, gelato is frozen very quickly in individual small batches in a batch freezer. The batch freezer incorporates air or overage into the mix as it freezes. Unlike American-style ice cream which can have an overage of up to 50%, gelato generally has between 20% and 35% overage. This results in a denser product with more intense flavor than U.S. style ice cream. U.S. style ice cream, with a higher fat content, can be stored in a freezer for months. High-quality artisan gelato holds its peak flavor and texture (from delicate ice crystals) for only several days, even when it is stored carefully at the proper temperature. This is why gelaterias typically make their own gelato on the premises or nearby.

Ms. G and I went to Little Man Ice Cream in Denver last week. I got Honey Gelato and she got cherry chocolate and watermelon. They give ridiculously huge portions! But very yummy, even though it was cold and rainy.

We also stopped in at this adorable little Plus Size Boutique called Buxom where we both found the PERFECT SHORTS! I still havent gotten a good picture of them, but they are by Boom Boom. I got denim and black in a size 14 (which I think is as low as they go, maybe 12), and I love them! They are also having a clothing swap/sell in July that I will be attending!

Shorts are the Devil!

I think the last time I wore shorts was in 2001 at my family’s beach cabin. I remember getting the pictures back from that trip and thinking “oh my god I will NEVER wear shorts again!” This is true, because I have not worn shorts since then, almost 10 years ago! There are many things about my body shape that Im pleased with: medium size boobs, a smaller waist, hips, a little bit of an ass. And then there are things I dont like: LEGS LEGS LEGS! Yes I hate my legs! They are chubby and dimpled and pale! eeew! Im pretty sure no amount of weight loss will ever make them pretty. In the summer I sport mostly capris, or jeans rolled up or skirts. No shorts!

To be honest, I dont even hate the look of shorts. Some people look adorable in shorts! I’m even a fan of the really short shorts and high heal look! But for me…nope!

Last night I was at the mall finishing up some christmas shopping and stopped in at the GAP where they had some old summer clearance they were selling for 97 cents! One item included girls boxer shorts. I bought them without trying them on. They are kinda cute and pink and nice to sleep in. I took pictures of myself this morning (because I dont trust mirrors) and I have to say, although my legs are still ugly as sin, things are looking a little better. I though I would do a little comparison shot for you. The first pic (for dramatic effect) is from June about 12 pounds lost. The second is from this morning at 60+ pounds lost (no makeup and crazy hair!) Enjoy!

Im really hoping by summer that I will be thin enough (and tan enough) to maybe rock a pair of shorts. We will see!