Another Hobby.

So the idea of scrapbooking has ALWAYS intrigued me. I love paper and stickers and layouts. I love tape and fancy scissors and glue. I LOVE shopping for art supplies!

(SIDE NOTE MORGAN FACT: I was on my Highschool Yearbook Staff for 4 years, and was an editor my Senior Year

Over the years I have purchased my fair share of scrapbooking supplies, I have a TON of those Jolee’s Boutique stickers, a pretty sweet Fiskars Paper Cutter, and then just paper GALORE! I usually stick to just card making, but a few years ago I started a scrapbook for Mr. Gaunt and I. The book was a mini one so you couldn’t put a lot on a page. I think I did about 10 pages by the time I gave it to Mr. Gaunt as a V-day gift. Since then he has been bugging me to update it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to even really look at those old (FAT) pictures. I just really feel like our lives have changed so much that that’s not even us anymore. So I decided to get a new Full Size scrapbook and start scrapping pictures from this summer and on. I had a ton (100) pictures printed from (they are only 9 cents a print) that arrived today! Yay! So First I’m going to share pics from the OLD scrapbook and then my next post will be from the new pages I’m doing tonight. Sorry if you find this beyond boring, I just figured I d share a little hobby.