Now That Its June We’ll Sleep Out in The Garden

Happy June!!!!

June to me has always marked the start of Summer! And I am so ready for this summer!

June also marks my 6th month of not smoking (cold turkey thankyouverymuch)….GO ME!!!

June 1st means that in 114 days I will be MRS. GAUNT!

And in 102 days I will be 26 years old!

June marks the summer that I will lose the last of my Overweightness.

The summer that I will get in shape, and *gasp* become a runner?

June means suntans, sangria, and River floating.

And this song. Which is so near and dear to my heart that I really have no words to express how I feel about it. Just love:


To celebrate Mr. Gaunt and I got up and did a 5k this morning. Mr. Gaunt ran along side me which was awesome! It still took us about 50 minutes, but we did do more long distance running, less breaks. I just need to focus on continuing running through the whole thing.


I woke up this morning to the (once hidden) scale sitting in the hallway. I peed, stripped down and weighed myself. The end result was exactly 14 pounds lost! I was shooting for 15 pounds, but who am I to complain. I had to lose 14 pounds in 41 days , 4 pounds in 12 of those days.  I’m pretty pleased.

Now I have to lose 10 pounds in June. If we break it down I need to lose a little less than 2.5 pounds a week. Eeek! I’m going to stick with only weighing myself once a week to keep my sanity. I’ll probably make Fridays weigh in days. Which means this friday will be “the little extra bonus weight” I get before my 4 weeks actually starts.

Workout goal = 6 days a week of walking 2-5 miles. 7 days a week of mini-workouts. Speaking of, don’t forget to do Wednesdays!

Mr. Gaunt and I are off to the wedding rental place today to rent silverware, napkins, and a few other things. And to pay for our cake we ordered yesterday!!! So exciting!


A Brother Birthday

My Brother Forrest turned 28 today!

He is leaving on Saturday to move to California…sad…but exciting for him! We went out to dinner this evening to celebrate. It’s the last time all of us will be together for a while. It was so short-lived that we were all living in the same city. At dinner I ordered a pasta dish that kind of sucked a whole bunch. Which is actually a good thing as I only had a few bites, yay for not ingesting 1 million calories!

Also don’t forget to do Mondays Workout (seriously it takes like 15 minutes!) I had to move my workout to the Mornings this week as tomorrow I start my first night shift.  I did a 5k in 50 minutes, not great as I got super tired at the end. The first half though I actually was able to run 2 blocks walk 1 block, instead of my usual 1 to 1 ratio. I can feel myself getting better! I’m hoping by July that I can run a whole mile without stopping, we will see.


Forrest, Me, Mom and Taylor

Running Update: it still sucks

Oh yes it does.

Technically we have done 10 runs, and one would think that by 10 runs it would be getting slightly easier, but it’s not. In fact it might be getting harder.

I suppose some parts are getting easier. I don’t get sore anymore. My legs may get slightly tired, but the next day my muscles and back don’t ache like the first 3 runs. I’m also getting better at finding the “zone” you know, the “running zone” where you focus on just moving and breathing. Id say this is the hardest part of running, finding a comfortable “zone”

Breathing is where I really struggle. physically I could probably run for a while, but my lunges will be screaming and I will pass out. Last week on a particularly hard day I let my mind wander from the “zone” and started to worry about my breathing. The more I worried the tighter and smaller my throat got. I stopped running and started crying. Crying only makes it worse by the way. I eventually had to find a new “zone” one that stopped the crying and opened my throat up. It’s a scary thing not being able to breathe.

Mr. Gaunt has good days and bad days too. he has mild excercise induced Asthma and one day he forgot his inhaler. Half way through the run he had to stop and throw up in the bushes to get his breath back.

Running: Not a pretty thing.

This week we have started bringing our iPods. Mr. Gaunt bought one of those arm band things, and hates it. To get it to stay up it has to be pretty tight, which hurts his arm. It will be going back to the Apple Store tomorrow. I just stick my little Nano in my bra. I put my 1000 most played songs on my iPod and put it on shuffle. Katy Perry seems to keep me moving quite well.

And so we carry on. Tomorrow is day 4 which is a “day off” so we wont be running. Next week things get harder. Ugg.

I erased last week.

For real, buh bye Last week!

I only ran two out of the required 5 days.

It was hot (and still is, at 92 degrees tomorrow)

I was busy in the evenings (taking naps)

Ive been a bit stressed/depressed

I ate a bunch of crap

I gained back the 3 pounds I lost the prior week.

There it is. Not so pretty, kind of embarrassing, and very depressing. So overall Id say that week needs to go buh bye. So because I’m the one who makes the rules, I declare a DO OVER! So last week is no longer. Id like to say today I went running, but alas I did not. I went to one of the last Rockies games with Mr. Gaunt and ate a hot dog….SO SHOOT ME!


I swear swear swear up and down that this week I will brave the heat and go running.

In other news:

-I got a 2nd job at Pier 1 for the holidays. I filled out paperwork today. I’ll be working 2-3 evenings a week.

-Mr. Gaunt and I spent a lovely day in the mountains looking at the Aspen Trees on Saturday (pics to come).

-I got some AMAZING clearance shirts at the Gap today ($110 worth for $24!)

-I am ALMOST done scrapbooking 2009!

-I ordered some enlarged prints of our engagement pictures.

-We went to the Farmers market and got tons of veggies for dinners this week.

-I am two punches away from a free Latte!

Alright kids, I’m tired and am going to hit the hay. XOXO

I Hate New Years Gym Crowds!

I havent been to the gym since the New Year because I know it’s gonna be packed full of people pumping iron for their resolutions…ugg. I hate a crowded gym, well I hate any gym….ha!

I belong to 24 Hour Fitness but I never go because I am LAME and come up with THOUSANDS of excuses not to go. Recently they involve the gym being too crowded and me being too cold to go. Today’s main excuse is because I started my period and don’t wanna go workout, but I’m going to! I swear I really am! I need to lose 7 more pounds by the thirteenth and the weight isn’t falling off so I have ot go run it off! Ugg.

I’ve decided I need a little Gym motivation though, so tonight I’m going to make a 1 hour playlist on Mr. Gaunt’s ipod so I can just run until the playlist is over. Helps with time going by. Mr. Gaunt also can put movies on his ipod, so I might watch a movie too. The other BIG motivator this week is that the new season of Biggest Loser starts TOMORROW! Woop Woop! I love that they roll these season out back to back, its awesome! This season is couples, so it should be fun! Make sure you watch it!

I was talking to my friend Jason today and he mentioned how he is doing the BOLDER BOULDER this year. For those who don’t know the BOLDER BOULDER is a 10k race or walk through the heart of Boulder Colorado and CU stadium. I use to work in Boulder and once a year they would close some of the streets to do this race. I of course NEVER participated, but this year I think I might make it a little challenge! No I have no plans to run this, I am NOT a runner. I hate running in fact. Running does nothing but point out how out of shape I am, how crappy my lungs are, tight my calves, are and bouncy my boobs are. Running is lame! Although I would LOVE to be a runner, I really can’t see this ever happening. However I am more than content to walk (fast) with maybe a splash of jogging for this 10k. In case you’re like me and have never done any kind of “K” a 10k is about 6.2 miles….I can do that…maybe. So obviously I’m gonna do a bit of training on this one, no sense in killing myself by not being prepared!

The race is memorial day weekend, which is perfect for so many reasons!

1. Not too hot, not too cold.

2. The race is May 31st, one day after my brother’s birthday, so this weekend has always felt special.

3. I am hoping to have lost 100lbs by May 4th, so training for this will be PERFECT timing to kick my weight loss into overdrive.

4. I still have 21 weeks to get my ass in shape!

So I’m pretty stoked about this! And to really motivate myself I’m going to register Mr. Gaunt and I next pay-day, thats $84 for the two of us…I dont want to waste $84! I have also decided to add a little side bar thingy over there ———–> to track how long it takes me weekly to do a mile! Hopefully I can shave some time off every week!

Ok so thats about it. I’m going to hit the gym tonight and record my first mile on the treadmill!